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​NeoLife Medical Center

NeoLife Medical Center is a specialized medical institution, the main goal of which is the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Clinic conducts research in oncology in collaboration with the Turkish Foundation for Fighting Cancer on a regular basis.

NeoLife Medical Center

Features of treatment in NeoLife Center

treatment in medical institutions is carried out exclusively on the most new protocols that have been tested in the best clinics of the world and are highly efficient in the fight against oncology.

Special attention is paid not only to the center of treatment and psychological rehabilitation of patients and their relatives, which significantly increases the chances of a full recovery. To this end, the center has developed special psychological programs and provides for a staff of experienced psychologists.

NeoLife Medical Center is equipped with the newest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, which meets all the requirements of European standards.

The staff of NeoLife Medical Center

most important advantage of the medical establishment is a team of highly qualified specialists, who all He devoted his life to the fight against cancer. The clinic staff includes doctors, who have enormous practical experience in the treatment of cancer, and their competence has gained international recognition. Nursing staff is not only a knowledge of the business, but also a sincere care and attention to each patient medical facility.

Services Medical Center NeoLife

An important role in the work of the clinic is played by an early and accurate diagnosis of cancer, which in turn is the key to the effectiveness of further treatment . In order to accurately diagnose in the center is used only the finest, modern diagnostic equipment.

Diagnosis consists of the following studies:

  • Beam diagnostics.
  • Laboratory studies.
  • Nuclear research.
  • Genetic studies.
  • Pathological studies.
  • Applicationin the tomosynthesisdiagnosis,which is a new technology of digital mammography in many times superior to other methods of diagnosis of breast cancer. This technique helps to obtain a three-dimensional image, which significantly increases the possibility of diagnosing a disease in an early stage, including, most miniature size of the tumor. It also provides the ability to determine the exact location of the tumors, which in turn, allows for manipulation of the least damage to healthy tissue.

The treatment at NeoLife Medical Center

cancer treatment is thorough comprehensive approach, using the highest quality and highly effective drugs, modern medical equipment and unique techniques. As remedial measures in the center offer the following services:

Drug therapy:

  • Targeted therapy.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Immunotherapy.

Radiation therapy:

  • Radiation therapy with modulated intensity.
  • 3D conformal radiotherapy.
  • Extracranial stereotactic radiotherapy.
  • E therapy.
  • Rotary radiation therapy.


  • Traditional handling.
  • Handling of minimally invasive techniques.
  • Operations using a laser.

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