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Turkey. Kangal Resort

Kangal resort gained its world fame thanks to the unique thermal springs with amazing fish that help to treat serious diseases of the skin, such as psoriasis. Kangal is located in an ecologically clean mountainous region of Turkey, where many thermal springs are situated. Today there you may find a large modern medical center, which is equipped with latest medical facilities and everything that is necessary for comfortable rest and treatment.

Turkey. Kangal Resort

What is treated in the Kangal resort?

Without a doubt, the main disease that Kangal resort treats effectively is psoriasis. It is a serious disease that is difficult to be treated with traditional curing methods, but it can be cured in the Kangal in just three weeks. Here there is a unique thermal spring with water temperature equal to the temperature of the human body that is inhabited by small fishes no more then 8 cm in length that help to get rid of many skin diseases.

Thermal spring was discovered in 1917, after shepherd swimed in it and got his ulcer no one could treat for years healed. After this incident, one of the most popular resorts in Kangal appeared arount it. Today medical tourists come here to treat the following diseases:

  • Psoriasis.
  • Psoriatic arthropathy.
  • Children's eczema.
  • Lichen planus.
  • Chronic eczema.
  • Atopic dermatitis.
  • Vitiligo.
  • Rosacea.
  • Fungal diseases.
  • Acne.
  • Seborrhea.
  • Ichthyosis and other dermatological diseases.

For whom treatment is prohibited?

Contraindications to treatment in thermal springs can be appied to people with the following deseases:

  • Psoriatic erythroderma.
  • Lupus erythematosus.
  • Malignant neoplasm.
  • Thrombophlebitis.

Methods of treatment

Treatment at the resort Kangal lasts twenty-one days. During this period the patient should just stick to the process of treatment that consists of the following aspects:

  • Every morning it is necessary to drink at least three glasses of mineral, slightly carbonated water before breakfast. During the day, you should consume 1,5 – 2 liters of the water.
  • Recreational swimming in the pool takes a total of eight hours a day, that is, four hours before lunch, and the same in the afternoon.
  • It should be remembered that during the course of treatment, the patient should not use any medical ointments, including creams or perfumes.
  • During the treatment alchohol is also prohibited.

What is the effect of thermal bath?

Amazing fish living in hot springs in the wild nature eats small plankton. But because it lives in artificial conditions, due to lack of food it attacks the affected skin and destroys dead cells, thereby giving infected parts of body access to medicinal water, which if followed by fish treatment.

Do not be afraid of fish, as it can only destroy soft, horny skin, without damaging the living tissue at all, as it is too hard for it.

Besides the fact that the fish removes dead skin cells, due to the unique composition of fish saliva, the exposed areas of the skin are disinfected and cleaned while mineral healing water has a positive effect on the affected skin and treats the source of the disease.

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