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Health Care In Turkey

Health care system in Turkey is known for its competitive standards and high-tech approach, and this proved by the pilgrimage of thousands of patients from Europe and neighboring countries. By the end of 2012, Turkey provided diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation for more than 500,000 foreign patients. It has become one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism among the inhabitants of the Balkan Peninsula, Central and Middle Asia, Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Romania, Bulgaria, the Netherlands as well as for other countries. Key factor for medical success in Turkey is the inability to quickly obtain high-quality medical care in the above mentioned countries. Routine procedures and operations often have to be waited for for months. It is clear that patients prefer to go where they can get treatment as quickly as possible.

Health Care In Turkey

Quality of treatment in Turkey

All Turkish hospitals are accredited by the Turkish Standards "JCI" (Joint Commission International, USA) and are equipped with world-class infrastructure and modern facilities. Some Turkish hospitals have partnered with high-end American medical institutions, such as Harvard Medical School, the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and many others. Turkish hospitals that provide care for international patients are equipped with latest medical technology and employ highly qualified staff (more than 35 % of physicians working in Turkey have been trained in Western countries).

The most popular fields of treatment in Turkey:

  • Oncology including pediatric oncology;
  • Orthopedics (Fulya Clinic, Orthopedic Center. According to FIFA it was voted to be the best clinic in 2012 (there are only 26 such clinics all over the world). Many famous athletes received treatment and rehabilitation in this center);
  • Orthopedics oncology;
  • Organ transplantation (kidneys, liver, pancreas) and bone marrow transplantation (including pediatric one);
  • Spine Treatment and spinal surgery;
  • Neurosurgery (including pediatric neurosurgery);
  • Cerebral palsy, pediatric neurology. For cerebral palsy treatment, Turkey provides fairly exclusive treatment. Here special operations held only by 2-3 neurosurgeons in the world are conducted. Doctors also use their own system of physical therapy, developed during 15 years of work with children suffering from cerebral palsy, which is different from the classical one.

Turkish Ministry of Health sets national standards and rules that are compulsory for all hospitals, health care facilities and practitioners. Independent oversight organization founded by the Ministry of Health is engaged in constant supervision of health sector compliance.

Prices for medical services in Turkey are extremely beneficial compared with Western European countries, including Great Britain, Ireland, Austria and Italy. Certainly, the price of treatment is affected by many different factors such as stage of the disease, patient's individual demands etc.

In general, prices for treatment in Turkey can be considered to be 30% cheaper than in European clinics.

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