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​Turkey: A New Medical Tourism Trend

The very concept of medical tourism has been a part of our lives for a long time. This kind of travelling has a long history. Even during the heydays of India and China, people traveled to other countries in order to receive healing from well-known doctors.

Turkey: A New Medical Tourism Trend

Thanks to medical tourism a lot of people have the opportunity to cure diseases that were considered incurable not so long time ago. So some of Turkish doctors' inventions are considered the best in the world! In complicated areas such as oncology, surgery, neurosurgery, cardiology, orthopedics and dentistry they are among the best.

During this time (more than two thousand years) the principles of medical tourism have not changed fundamentally. Today, many people are just looking for qualitative medical care outside their own country.

Why Turkey is attractive?

In Turkey, there are more JCI accredited medical institutions than in any country of the world. Today Turkey is recognized as competitive high-tech country with respectful approach to health care. Every month thousands of foreigners from European and other neighboring countries are being treated here. Thousands of Turkish and foreign students get educated in 60 medical schools of international level. 

Qualified doctors

High standards of certification for experts provide successful results in a wide range of medical fields. Bright and versatile cultural atmosphere of large Turkish cities brings safe and friendly environment for patients and their companions during the period of treatment and recovery. 

Easy-to-reach location

Great location in of the country at the crossroads between Europe and Asia allows you to easily and quickly get from any major airport to Turkey spending little time on the flight. Turkey is a candidate for EU membership. For now it has met the criteria put forward by the Europe. They include appropriate standards of the health care system insurance. Objective quotas and appropriate price for them is a rule.

World-class hospitals

All accredited Turkish hospitals have world-class infrastructure and are equipped with modern technology. In Turkey almost all the major pharmaceutical companies are located. Among them are Pfeizer, GlaxoSmithKleine, Johnson and Johnson, Sanofi-Aventis, Merck, Novartis, Roche, Astra Zeneca, which have regional offices all around the world. Reliable supply of blood is conducted by Kizilay (Turkish Red Cross), which is accredited by JCI organization.

Turkish health sector is awaiting for you and is ready to provide its expertise and hospitality.

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