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Medicover Clinic

Medicover Clinic is located in the heart of Europe that is in Warsaw, the Polish capital. The medical institution was founded in the partnership with the Swedish founders, so from the very first days of its work here are provided a wide range of medical services that meet the highest European quality standards.

Medicover Clinic

Specialties of Medicover Clinic

Medicover has been an undisputed leader in the quality of medical services in Poland for many years. The medical institution can supply the patients with 180 inpatient beds, five operating rooms, equipped with the latest European medical technology, and where more than 4 thousand surgical operations are held each year.

The main features of the clinic are:

  • The European level of medical care at low prices.
  • The high standards of health care.
  • The availability of experienced surgeons.
  • Minimally invasive procedures, which involve a quick recovery.
  • A transparent system of payment for medical services.

Medicover was built in accordance with the latest standards and architectural trends of international medical institutions. At the disposal of the patients there are comfortable rooms with a modern interior, which helps in the healing process. Settles of Medicover are away from the city hustle and bustle and are surrounded by greenery, so they can feel comfortable here, and the rehabilitation period passes quickly. Here are many cozy and comfortable places to meet friends and family, which increases the comfort and improves the mental state of the patients significantly.

Staff in Medicover Clinic

The clinic is staffed by physicians who have extensive practical experience, who are highly qualified and who possess the most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment . Most surgeons in the clinic regularly practice in the leading medical institutions in Europe, in Sweden in particular, where the level of medicine is considered to be the best one in the EU.

Treatment at Medicover Clinic

The priority areas at Medicover are:

  • Orthopedics (surgery and rehabilitation).
  • Treatment of heart and vascular diseases.
  • Neurosurgery.
  • Plastic surgery.
  • Different types of diagnostics.

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