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​Poland: Yaroslavets Resort

Yaroslavets Resort  is a picturesque place, situated at the edge of the central coast of the Baltic Sea. Specific mild climate, proximity to the forest, sea and warm sun make Yaroslavets an attractive destination for many tourists.

Poland: Yaroslavets Resort

Location and Attractions of Yaroslavets

The small Yaroslavets town is conveniently located close to Gdansk city, so tourists tourists should not have any difficulties in getting to the resort. It is just two and a half hour trip from Gdansk to Yaroslavets.

The town is located on the middle coast near lakes Wicko and Kopan. Pine forests, sandy shore, high cliffs and the beautiful sea annually attract dozens of hundreds of tourists from all over the Europe.

Forests that surround the resort Yaroslavets consist mainly of coniferous trees, such as black pine, fir and larch, so climate here has special healing properties and beneficial effect on the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract and upper respiratory tract.

One of the main attractions is the lighthouse Yaroslavets with the height of more than 33 meters, and the light from it is visible at a distance of more than sixteen miles.

In addition to the lighthouse, tourists are attracted by local dunes, covered with plants. At the tops of dunes there are special viewing platforms, where you can admire the sea views and sunsets.

Yaroslavets, a tourist village

Today Yaroslavets  is a modern tourist village, where there are several dozens of resorts, campgrounds and recreation centers. In addition, especially popular among tourists are wellness centers where you can combine a beach holiday with a variety of treatments that are aimed at the recovery and rehabilitation after a number of diseases.

Resort and recreation complex Panorama of the sea

One of the most popular places for rest and recovery in Yaroslavets is a resort and recreation complex "Panorama of the sea", which consists of several buildings located on the territory of more than ten hectares.

Any building of the sanatorium is located approximately at the distance of three hundred meters from the edge of the sea, and the whole territory of the resort is framed by natural greenery. High European level of service, a balanced diet offered, a set of procedures for the recovery and rejuvenation will not leave indifferent any vacationer.

The resort and recreation complex "Panorama of the sea" is a large aquatic complex, consisting of a large number of different slides, rides, pools, saunas, spa, conference room, playground for children and a concert stage.

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