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​Poland: Otwock Resort

European health center called Otwock was founded ten years ago as a medical center that is fully focused on the needs of each patient.

Poland: Otwock Resort

Today, Otwock is a harmonious mixture of traditional medicine and the latest trends in medical equipment and diagnostic methods.

The main pride of the European wellness center Otwock has a highly qualified and experienced personnel, consisting of specialists in various fileds of medicine.

The wellness center Otwock provides medical services in all areas of medicine, but tit is mainly focused on the treatment of cancer and heart diseases.

Thanks to the most modern medical equipment, experienced professionals, psychological support and individual approach to each patient, the European Health Center Otwock provides a wide range of medical services of a highest level.

JCC Otwock, the largest center in Poland

Today JCC Otwock is the largest wellness center in Poland and it is among the top ten hospitals in European rankings. The clinic is equipped with most modern medical appliances. Some of it is unique in the country. JCC Otwock partnership with other clinics in Poland allows it to provide medical services at a higher quality level than other clinics do.

Treatment in JCC Otwock

The main field of treatment in Otwock wellness center is cancer healing for  patients with heart disease.

The clinic offers a comprehensive treatment of cancer and heart disease, as cancer is always giving serious heart complications.

At the clinic diagnostic studies are conducted using modern devices, such as echocardiography and magnetic resonance apparatus for the GP, the only one in the country. In addition to these devices, for more thorough diagnostic studies the health center uses:

  • Computed tomography apparatus in its class - 128-slice.
  • Computed tomography apparatus with 3-dimensional image.
  • Special operating table for mammography (biopsy).
  • Ultrasound machines of the last generation.
  • X-ray unit displays digital format.

Diagnosis in JCC Otwock

Most of the diagnostic tests and treatments that carried out in the European wellness center Otwock are unique not only for Poland but also in the whole world. The most popular methods of treatment and diagnosis ate the following:

Complex diagnostics or full body screening in just a few hours (Whole body diagnoostics).

  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the breast.
  • MRI prostate.
  • MRI - performed in 3D and 4D format.
  • MRI of the brain.
  • Biopsy using a 3-Tesla equipment prostate.
  • Biopsy using a 3-Tesla equipment mammary glands.
  • Stereotactic biopsy using a 3-Tesla magnetic resonance.
  • 3D mammography together with tomosynthesis.
  • A full range of cardiac studies.
  • Diagnosis of prostate cancer without the use of an endorectal coil.
  • 3T study (Breast screening) by using dual transmitter.
  • Biopsy of breast (using vacuum aspiration).
  • Modern brain research.
  • Laparoscopic techniques.
  • Coronary angioplasty.
  • Coronary angiography.
  • Endovascular treatment of aneurysms of the abdominal cavity and more.

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