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Bochnia​ Courses of Treatment

 Course Of Treatment "STANDARD" includes:

Staying with inhalations in a unique therapeutic microclimate of salt recommended cameras in the treatment of respiratory diseases and pulmonary diseases with an allergic nature. Specially prepared programs are executed in a dungeon of mines under the supervision of qualified therapists. Children part of the studies carried out in the form of a game. In the chamber intended for recreation, playground and are 140-meter hill.

Bochnia Courses of Treatment

Visit mine during a shift in the medical microclimate of salt chambers

  • to the 7 day shift - 4 runs of descent over four hours
  • to the 11 day shift - 6 runs for four hours,
  • to the 14 day shift - 8 runs on four;

Visits combined with motor-rehabilitation training under supervision of a qualified physical possibly

  • therapist,more specialized advice if necessary
  • Accommodation in hotel Sutoris 2 * - Rooms 1, 2 and 3 - local as well as apartments. All rooms with private bathrooms, TV, telephone,
  • Food in the hotel restaurant - breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • Procedures in Adult Rehabilitation Center - a local doctor by appointment
  • 7 days shift - 3 treatments, 11 days shift - 5 procedures, 14 days shift - 7 procedures,

Treatments in the rehabilitation and biological regeneration: bubble baths and bath salts and hydro power shower, whirlpool massage upper and lower extremities, massage pressure underwater and massages, laser therapy, phototherapy, thermotherapy, magnetic therapy, cryotherapy, electrotherapy, inhalations, physiotherapy.

During a change is possible to visit the most ancient tourist route in the "salt mine in Bochnia" at a depth of 200 meters underground, mysterious and unique interior of the oldest Polish salt mine hides the legacy of many generations, making it a part of the national cultural heritage, there is represented the world's only exhibition features innovative use of modern multimedia technology.

Visiting character has time travel. Holographic presentation, spatial radio show will give visitors the opportunity to experience this extraordinary journey in time, being in the heart of the action.

Courses of treatment begins with dinner 18:00 and end at 10:00 breakfast.

Descents Health in Bochnia mine:

Daily descents into the mine - a great way to improve health and relax in the unique microclimate of the underground workings Bochnia Salt Mine. They are especially recommended for the treatment of respiratory diseases and allergies. Package includes one check-up, 5 runs in the salt mine of 4 hours each. Descents are conducted under the supervision of a physiotherapist from Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 13:30 or from 14:30 to 17:30.

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