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​Treatment and Clinics in Poland

This country is an attractive tourist destination not only because of its natural beauty, and rich, canonical stories, exquisite old-world charm and prosperous multiethnic, but also due to affordable and quality health care.

Treatment and Clinics in Poland

Healthcare System Revolution

As part of the mandatory measures for entry into the European Union the fundamental reconstruction and modernization of the entire health system has been done, with the result that was formed by the current, thriving system with clinics equipped with the latest medical technology and highly skilled medical personnel. All medical institutions are controlled by the Polish Ministry of Health and comply with EU standards and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Thanks to all this, as well as attractive prices for treatment in Poland, excellent service and minimum queue Polish Republic is fastly becoming one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism with highly specialized medical services, such as cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, spinal fusion, orthopedics, cosmetic surgery as well as general and cosmetic dental surgery in Poland. Compared to the prices of developed Western countries savings for most surgeries medium complexity are 50-60%, and in cases of cosmetic and plastic surgery - up to 70%.

Tourism in Poland

Tourism in Poland combines the spirit of the Middle Ages - the distance from rising above the spiers of old castles lots of interesting towns with cobbled streets and attractive rural landscape - with comfort, service and entertainment of modern cities. This country with fluffy pines and gentle sea is also famous for its national parks, numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as medical and ski resorts in Poland that offer recreation, rehabilitation and entertainment for visitors of all ages. With a mild, transient climate Poland interesting at any time of year - whether it's a snowy winter or a mild, warm summers.


To visit the country for tourists from Russia and CIS countries must apply for a visa. Day stay costs about $ 50-100 with a normal level of comfort. Poland, among other things, is also famous for its traditional cuisine and a hot fragrant wine with spices ("gzhanets"). There are many hotels that meet international standards, as well as small hotels located in old houses. In Poland, there’s a fairly high crime rate, it is not recommended to carry large amounts of cash and important things, especially in crowded places.

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