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​Georgia. Resort Nunisi

Balneology health resort Samten Nunisi, known for its healing effect and natural beauty is located in the southeastern part of Borjomi-Kharagauli Nationa Park, in the forest part of the Likhi Range (Surami), at an altitude of 750 m. above sea level. Mixed coniferous and deciduous forests create a unique Nunisi microclimate. There the river Nunisistskali is located. Distance from Tbilisi to the resort is 180 km. The resort was established in 1856 and is specialised in medicinal spa. It was designed especially for adults and aged people.

Georgia. Resort Nunisi

What is Nunisi special for?

Since time immemorial times, this resort is famous for mineral (balneology) waters. Such a holiday is especially recommended for those who suffer from any skin disease or disorder of the nervous system. The local mineral water called Zvave cures low acidity.

Spring vacation here is particularly useful for those who have problems with the lungs and bronchus. At this time of the year in particular, pine and spruce is blooming, and the air obtains most healing effect ever.

Diseases and health programs

Diseases that are treated at the resort:

  • rheumatology;
  • neurology;
  • dermatology;
  • urology;
  • gynecology.

Proposed health programs:

  • fatigue decreasement;
  • improving health (mental and physical);
  • normalisation of liver function (eg, shot up after the use of alcohol and drugs);
  • cure of the cardiovascular system;
  • normalisation of the gastrointestinal tract functions;
  • replenishing the body's mineral and vitamin deficiency;
  • weight correction;
  • metabolism increment.

Where to stay?

In the "Nunisi" you may stay in the hotel "Samten Park Nunisi".

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