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Georgia: Resort Bakhmaro

Sunny and picturesque Bakhmaro, perhaps, is the only alpine resort area in Georgia. It is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. Its main feature is the combination of Alpine and maritime climate. Exceptional healing qualities of the resort are its mountainous location, coniferous forests and proximity to the sea.

Georgia: Resort Bakhmaro

Climatic alpine forest resort is located in the subtropical zone, at an altitude of 1913-2022 m. above sea level. Situated in Georgia, in the gorge of the river Bahvis-Tskhal, it is surrounded by mountains with coniferous forest, open to the south-west. One of the main differences of the resort is the combination of mountainous and marine climate.

Location: Guria Chokhatauri district, at an altitude of 2050 m. above sea level.

Distance: Bakhmaro - Tbilisi 339 km.

In Bakhmaro the sun shines all year round.

The word "Bakhmaro" in Georgian means something great, wonderful. In the resort such a miracle is the sun. Bakhmaro is an amazingly shiny place with more than 2 thousand solar hours per year.

There is a highly intensive ultraviolet radiation.

  •  Summer is moderately cool, short (August 13 C), moderately soft, long and snowy winter (January -6 C).
  •  The resort will be useful for people with lung diseases and cardiovascular system disorders.

The resort is open from 15 July to 15 September each year.

The shape of Bakhmaro terrain is similar to the basin surrounded by spruce and fir evergreen forests. Mixture of sun and the air masses of the Black Sea has a positive effect on lung disease, helps in the treatment of peritonitis and anemia.

The resort also useful for patients with chronic diseases of the respiratory system (excluding active tuberculosis of the lungs). In Bakhmaro almost all lung diseases can be treated, including chronic ones, such as asthma. The resort is incredibly useful for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, especially its closed form. Resort is perfectly suitable for children.

Doctors say: during the rest in Bakhmaro, the number of red blood cells significantly increases and there is an increase in hemoglobin levels.

In the resort, vacationers can rent a cottage.

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