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​Georgia and Medical Tourism

Today Georgian doctors are making great efforts to ensure that this country is able to consolidate its position in the international medical tourism. To do this, in Georgia there are all needed conditions: highly skilled, well-equipped medical facilities, low prices for medical procedures and, most importantly, legal and regulatory framework that is flexible, unlike the majority of EU countries.

Georgia and Medical Tourism

Most Popular Medical Tourism in Georgia

Despite certain shortcomings of the health system, Georgia, according to many experts, may well be competitive in the international market of medical tourism. One of the most promising areas of medical tourism is the treatment of infertility and surrogacy. It should be noted that today Georgia is already one of the leading providers of donor eggs worldwide. Typically, egg is delivered frozen, but practiced here and search for surrogate mothers from photographs. It should be noted that the practice in most countries have already banned this for the reasons of confidentiality. In addition to photographs, the client provides full biography and other background information relating to the future surrogate mother.

Besides donation and surrogacy in Georgia is well developed and other areas of health care services. For example, very popular among foreign tourists enjoying dental and hair transplant. Other areas of medicine at this stage are of no particular interest to foreigners, as Georgia has underdeveloped pharmacology, but, according to experts, in the near term the pharmacology will be subjected to reforms.

Advantages of Medical Tourism in Georgia

Main advantage of treatment in Georgia is low prices for medical services. For example, surrogacy, including all stages of preparation, payment fro services of medical personnel, control of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as payment of the fee a surrogate mother, is approximately about twenty thousand dollars. Similar services in Europe or America will cost several times more expensive.

Besides cheap services in Georgia's there’s unique climate, which helps pass the rapid rehabilitation after surgery and accelerate the healing process in general.


At full capacity, medical tourism in Georgia does not develop because government does not pay enough attention and does not provide funding to promote health services in the international market.

Geographical location of the country, despite the climate and nature, also contributes to the development of medical tourism, as for many tourists is much more convenient to fly to Turkey, India and the Czech Republic for treatment.

Weak pharmacology also prevents the promotion of health services in Georgia abroad.

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