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​Tskhaltubo Resort

Tskhaltubo is a spa resort located in the valley of Tskhaltubo river, at the hight of 95 - 120 m above the level of sea, 9 miles north-west from Kutaisi, 253 km of Tbilisi, and 70 km of the Black Sea. Winters are very mild, summer is very warm.

Tskhaltubo has very many sources of mineral waters, which are used for baths and inhalations. Mineral water of Tskhaltubo has low radon and have significant psycho-chemical properties. Temperature of the water is 33 ... 35 C, which allows the use of water with no preheating.

Tskhaltubo is located in western Georgia, 12 km from Kutaisi, in the valley Tskhaltubo surrounded by hills. Tshaltubo inherents favorable climate, the unique thermal mineral waters of the nitrogen content andradon.

Tskhaltubo Resort

Tskhaltubo Water

If there is a fantastic living water, it flows out of the ground at the Tskhaltubo resort. Here are brought people chained with rheumatism so they can not do a single step themselves, but after the treatment course consisting of 25-30 baths, many forget what brought them here on a stretcher.

Tskhaltubo medicinal water has become a symbol of a healthy lifestyle.This unique nature gift is called "Living Water" for a reason. The beneficial effects of Tskhaltubo water on the body are known since antiquity. And nowadays, modern installations allow us to treat, prevent and improve the body tone.

The glory resort is created by its unique mineral water. They are low-radon (1-2,7 nC / L or 3, 7.5 units. Mahe or 40-100 Bq.) chloride-bicarbonate-sulfate, sodium-magnesium-calcium waters. Natural water temperature (+33-35 OS) allows to use them without preheating.

Tshaltubo uses the original equipment holiday bathrooms (inflow and outflow), ie Fresh water is constantly supplied into the bath and the water in them from the beginning to the end of the procedure is made the same. Tskhaltubo mineral water is characterized in that all the ingredients are there below the lower limit of the permissible limits.

Treatment Options

Recommended duration of a classical spa treatment is 15-20 days

Indications for sanatorium - spa treatment in Tskhaltubo:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Nervous system
  • Diseases of the female genital organs i.e. Infertility
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Diseases of the skin

Besides the main, 15-20 day program, has been also developed a short, three-day program to relieve fatigue and stress, recuperation, tone and revitalize the body. 

During treatment, 15-20 and 3-day programs, the following treatments:

  • Baths with mineral waters
  • Horizontal spinal traction in mineral water
  • Underwater (hydro) massage mineral water
  • Exercising in the mineral water.
  • Exercising in the hall
  • Classic manual massage therapy
  • Gynecologic irrigation mineral water
  • Hydro-vibro massage mineral water
  • Circular shower mineral water
  • Rising mineral water shower
  • "Sharko" shower with mineral water
  • Inhalation
  • Physiotherapy in mineral water
  • Application of therapeutic mud
  • Speleotherapy (after completion of improvement caves).

General contraindications precluding direction patients:

  • all in the acute stage of the disease, chronic disease in acute and complicated processes
  • acute infectious diseases
  • all of the venereal diseases in the acute and contagious form
  • mental illness, all forms of addiction, alcoholism, epilepsy
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • repetitive or heavy bleeding
  • all blood diseases in the acute stage and the acute stage
  • cachexia any origin

Medical base:

  • mineral bath-radon water
  • horizontal spinal traction in the water
  • hydro
  • exercising in the pool
  • classic massage treatment
  • bath with mineral water for gynecological irrigation;
  • hydraulic and vibratory
  • circular shower
  • ascending shower
  • power shower
  • physiotherapy
  • application of moor
  • speleotherapy

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