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​Treatment and Clinics in Georgia

This country attracts tourists with the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains, the Black Sea beaches and ski resorts. Besides balneological SPAs and health resorts of Georgia, the main focus which attracts medical tourists is reproductive medicine: the treatment of infertility and egg donation to surrogacy. 

Treatment and Clinics in Georgia

Reproductive Medicine

Direction of reproductive medicine is popular for medical tourists, partly because many are not allowed in Europe and other countries for the treatment of infertility procedures, as well as in the selection of surrogate mothers. For example, in this country database of surrogate mothers is available along with the photos that so many countries have not practiced for reasons of confidentiality. Agencies involved in the provision of services for egg donation of surrogate mothers also provide help and any other information about their proposed nominations, which on conviction agencies tend to be very educated and intelligent. This is one of those qualities that are highly valued by potential parents. Another attractive factor for medical tourists is the lowest price on surrogacy in Georgia where full data packet service costs about 20 thousand dollars. This package includes a mother, childbirth and the costs of medicines. In addition to these services, some Georgian agencies are also involved in the delivery of frozen eggs in clinics around the world. Other areas of medicine, which can be attractive to international patients are hair transplantation and dentistry.

Other Areas

In terms of other areas of medicine country is not of great interest for medical tourists because of the lack of modern equipment in clinics and lack of scientific basis, especially for a number of rare diseases. This is because many Georgian citizens prefer to go abroad for treatment - the benefit of modern political conditions permit.

In addition to the sandy and rocky beaches and subtropical climate with not very hot summers and mild winters on the coast, tourists may also be interested in many old churches and monasteries of Georgia, fortresses, towns and rocky karst caves and palaces of Georgian kings and national parks of Georgia . Georgian cuisine is characterized by a great variety of dishes with many different kinds of meat and poultry, dairy products and cheeses, herbs and various sauces.

Security level is high enough for the tourists in terms of walking late, and in terms of traveling around the country. Buses and taxis connect almost all settlements. To visit the country for up to 90 days citizens of Russia and many CIS countries do not need a visa. 

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