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About 3,000 mineral springs are open in Georgia. More than a thousand of them studied and recommended for the treatment of diseases of the alimentary tract, peripheral nervous system, muscular system, cardiovascular, skin and other diseases.Country is also rich in the therapeutic mud.

Most famous seaside climate resorts are Kobuleti, Ureki and Batumi, mountain climate resorts - Abastuman, Bakuriani, Bakhmaro, Gudauri, spa resorts - Tskhaltubo, Nabeglavi, Sairme, balneoclimateric - Borjomi and Likani.

Resorts of Georgia

Borjomi Resort

Borjomi is placed in the south-eastern corner of Georgia, in the Kura valley, at an altitude of 810-840 m above the level of the sea, 152 km to the west from the city of Tbilisi. It belongs to the low resorts in mountains and is surrounded by mountains that are covered by deciduous and coniferous forests. Some mountains reach the hight of 3 thousand m above the level of the sea.

This is the most important health and beauty spas in Georgia. On the left bank of the Kura is beautiful countryside Likani. Coniferous forests, clean air, mineral water contribute to the treatment and rest.

The resort is located in the gorge, which is protected from strong atmospheric effects and the temperature difference, it is distinguished by exceptional natural conditions: the generosity of sunshine, fresh mountain air, moderate temperature in both summer and in the winter.

Climate: warm summers, mainly with sunny days (average July temperature of 19 ° C), and mild winters (Jan temp is -3 ° C); Season lasts all year round.

Medicines are mineral springs, the water of them has the chemical composition that is mainly used for drinking. Treatment of patients with metabolic disorders, diseases of the liver, biliary tract and gastrointestinal tract.

Main therapeutic factors are world famous hydro-sodium mineral water "Borjomi" and midland climate. Natural water temperature is +28-33 ° C. Water is recommended for those with the digestive system diseases and metabolism problems. "Borjomi" is mainly used for therapeutic drinking, bathing, irrigation, inhalation, and other procedures.

Tskhaltubo Resort

Tskhaltubo resort is placed in the west part of Georgia, in the Tskhaltubo valley, 250 km. from the city of Tbilisi and 70 km. to the Black Sea, at 95-110 m above the level of sea. Medicinal water Tskhaltubo is a symbol of the healthy lifestyle. This unique nature gift has been called "Living Water" for a reason.

Tskhaltubo uses the original equipment of holiday bathrooms (inflow and outflow), ie fresh water is constantly supplied into the bath and the water stays the same all the time. Tskhaltubo mineral water is characterized in that all the ingredients are there below the lower limit of the permissible limits.

Ureki village is located on the Black Sea, between Poti and Batumi . It is the only coastal climatic resort with the beach of black volcanic magnetic fine sand that has healing properties.

Ureki is good for a relaxing family holiday. The sea here doesn't have great depth, which is especially useful for children and the elderly. The resort has a therapeutic complex "Colchis" with its own private beach, as well as several hotels. You can stay in the private sector. Natural curative factors of the resort are the mild climate, sea and magnetic sand.

In Ureki are treated diseases of the cardiovascular system, muscular system, functional diseases of the central nervous system, birth injuries, paralysis, gynecological diseases. Site complex "Colchis" has sports courts where you can play football, basketball, beach volleyball. Also a pool table and a table tennis.

Kobuleti Resort

Kobuleti, one of the oldest cities in Adjara, located on the Black Sea 21 km north-east of Batumi. This resort - one of the best in the Caucasus, with special curative microclimate that creates highly ionized air and the pine forest on the seaside. Season lasts from May to October.

Beaches stretch with 12 km strip. Mostly they are interrupted by parks. Kobuleti main therapeutic factors are climate, sea, mineral water (mildly mineralized with sodium chloride).

People come here with respiratory diseases of tubercular character, liver, gall bladder, kidney and urinary tract, some cardiovascular diseases, functional disorders of nervous system, tuberculosis of bones and joints, chronic diseases of the digestive tract, metabolic disorders. To achieve maximum therapeutic effect in Kobuleti thalassotherapy should be combined with other treatments.

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