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Harlaching University Clinic

University Hospital Harlaching was established as a clinial base of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Today, the clinic is an urban multidisciplinary hospital with a staff of highly qualified physicians with inpatient and outpatient capacities of international level, as well as emergency and routine medical care in all general and most specialized areas. Harlaching University Hospital  passed the international ISO accreditation.

Harlaching University Clinic

Departments at Harlaching University Hospital 

Hospital medical opportunities can accomodate up to 765 beds, plus 68 extra seats a day hospital. Harlaching clinic is divided into a number of specialized departments, such as:

  • Cardiology.
  • Pulmonology.
  • Gasrtoenterology.
  • Intensive Care Unit.
  • Gynecology department.
  • The Department of General and Visceral Surgery.
  • Clinical Immunology.
  • Neurology.
  • Hypertension. 
  • The Department of Early Neurological Rehabilitation.
  • The Department of Neurophysiology.
  • The Department of Neurology.
  • The Pediatrics.
  • The Department of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics.
  • The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
  • Oncology department.
  • Hematology department.
  • Urology.
  • The Department of Surgical Intensive Care And Pain Treatment.
  • Anaesthetic Department.

Specialties of the treatment in Harlaching

Today Harlaching University clinic is known throughout Europe for its significant achievements in the field of traumatology, sports surgery, reconstructive surgery and orthopedics. Every year, thousands of athletes from around the world are undergoing rehabilitation and treatment here.

In practice, the following modern techniques are widely used in medical establishment:

  • Microsurgery.
  • The method of medical imaging.
  • The surgery using robotic devices.
  • Accurate computer navigation.

These techniques help to perform minimally invasive techniques while performning not only standard operations/ They include total joint replacement and spinal surgery that is the most complex one.

University Hospital Harlaching is located in a green area of Munich with clean air and favorable microclimate. The entire infrastructure of the medical institution meets the highest European standards, so medical tourists from foreign countries feel comfortable here. In addition to European patients, Harlaching clinic provides help for a large number of patients from the CIS countries.

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