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​The "Charité" Clinic

The clinic "Charité" is one of the largest and oldest medical institutions in Europe, which has recently celebrated its tercentenary. Here the research, diagnosis and treatment at the highest international level are conducted. It should be noted that there have been trained and still practice, as well as having conducted their scientific studies, many winners of the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine, such as Paul Ehrlich, Robert Koch, Emil von Behring and many others. Today the clinic "Charite" is a clinical base of the Berlin Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin.


The main priority of the clinic is the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, as well as providing training and theresearch activities.

Departments of "Charite" Clinic

Every year more than 600,000 outpatients and more than 140 thousand hospitalized ones receive the treatment in the clinic. This medical center employs more than 3,800 scientists and doctors. At the same time, it has an international team of doctors, so the treatment of foreign patients is provided not only taking into account their language, but also national and cultural traditions and religious beliefs.

"Charite" consists of four campuses (health centers), located in different parts of Berlin:

  • Berlin-Buch.
  • Benjamin Franklin.
  • Virchow Clinic.
  • Charité Mitte.

These four medical centers consist of 100 independent specialised clinics, which are separate medical units and work in sixty fields of modern medicine.

In addition to the traditional areas of medicine, specialized centers develop and operate actively. These include:

  • Center of Regenerative Medicine .
  • Center for AIDS Treatment.
  • ETC Center.
  • Center of Genital Tumors.
  • Center of the Cervix.
  • Metabolic Center.

All branches of the clinic "Charite" provide the treatment for Russian-speaking patients, and offer them a personnel to provide escort and translator.

Features of "Charite"

Because "Charite" is the largest clinic in Europe, all the best practices of diagnosis and treatment are conducted there. It is also supplied with the latest equipment and technology. In addition to the overall contribution to the development of world medicine, clinic "Charite" is known for high achievements in specialized medical fields. The most famous achievements of the clinic include:

  • The use of cyber-knife, which is an innovative device for the treatment of tumors, which provides the ability for the operation and radiation with extreme precision, thereby one is able to achieve the best results in the treatment.
  • The treatment of cancer with the help of the regional deep congestion, which is based on thermotherapy. This method can significantly improve the standards of cancer treatment.
  • Diagnosis in collaboration with the "Lab Berlin" allows to conduct more than 20 million tests in 12 different branches every year.
  • The use of high-quality ectoprosthetics of missing parts of the jaw and face. Reconstruction of the parts of face is carried out at the Center for artificial parts of the face at "Charite" clinic, wherethe high-quality synthetic materials are used for prosthetic development.
  • Kidney transplantation. This type of transplant is performed in the clinic for about four decades, so there is a lot of experience of such operations with the use of unique technologies and the most modern medicines.
  • Radiation Medicine Clinic offers is the whole range of modern features for interventional radiological intervention.

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