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Germany. Bad Homburg Resort

A small ancient town of Bad Hombrug, which became very popular among tourists due to its thermal springs with water suitable for external and internal use, is located in the Taunus hills, in twenty-five kilometers from Frankfurt-am-Main.

Germany. Bad Homburg Resort

Climate and nature of Bad Homburg

The city is situated at an altitude of 130 to 250 meters above sea level, at the top of the Taunus, so the air is unusually fresh and has notes of sparkling champagne in it. Cool from mountain peaks descends into the city in the evening, gently cooling the air, so the nights here are pretty cool.

The average annual temperature is about 9 degrees. Annual precipitation is about 700 mm. Countryside is protected from cold winds at all sides, so the climate is very mild, even in winter.

History and sights of Bad Homburg

Bad Homburg was founded in ancient times, but as the resort became known in the nineteenth century. Russian intellectuals and bohemians admired rest and treatment in the resort of Bad Homburg in those days.

One of the main attractions of the resort is a well-known throughout Germany picturesque park, which is protected as a heritage of antiquity.

Park founder Francois Blanc, trying to make it unique, hired the landscape architect Peter Joseph Lenne, known throughout Europe, to create its design.

Thus, the park today is a unique picturesque work of art that has lost none of its attraction for more than 150 years.

The park occupies 40 acres, which are made in the style of English landscape architecture. Separate groups of trees, dense thickets, cool alleys, beautiful winding paths and trails, artificial ponds, about 150 species of shrubs and over 80 species of trees - all this is Lenne Park today.

In addition to walking through park Lenne tourists can learn about the history and culture of the city by visiting widely known greenhouse, thermal baths and imperial mineral spring, which is located in the taiga part of the park Lenne.

Mineral springs

  • Imperial mineral spring has the second name that is Mineral spring Ludwig. The healing water from this source is effective in the treatment of psoriasis and neurodermatitis. However, it should be noted that this water is suitable only for external use, since it contains large amounts of carbon dioxide and iron.
  • Source "Elizabeth" is the most significant source of the resort, as its water has unique properties that help treat gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the liver and gall bladder.
  • Source "Langrafa" is the saltiest source in Bad Homburg. It was opened only in 1899, so it is considered to be the "youngest" source of the resort. Its water is suitable for the treatment of skin diseases, so it can only be used externally.
  • Steel Source is rich in carbonate of iron and has unique properties: tones the body and helps in case one suffers from anemia.

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