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Medical Tourism In Weiden, Bavaria

The resort town of Weiden and medical tourism in Germany have been impartial terms for a long time. Even before the heyday of medical tourism, Weiden used to be a major attraction for vacationers from Czech Republic and Germany, as here one of the most modern medical centers in Bavaria called Clinic Weiden is located. To be honest, to call this institution simply a clinics not possible, because it consists of various centers, institutes, clinics and offices located in more than the dozen of buildings.

Medical Tourism In Weiden, Bavaria

Weiden is a free city in Eastern Bavaria, Upper Palatinate, located 100 km east to Nuremberg and 35 km west to Czech Republic. Medical tourism in Bavaria is very attractive, because here  the most beautiful castles in Germany, historic sites, and national parks can be found. It is also an aimed destination for loads of tourists because of the proximity of the Czech spas included in the golden triangle Karlovy Vary, Frantiskovy Lazne and Marianske Lazne. The highest quality of patient care and the ability to be diagnosed in a single day made Weiden a center of attraction for people who want to combine relaxation, treatment and diagnostics of the whole organism.

Admirers of medical tourism can find unique attractions in the city of Weiden. Here are some of them:

  • Part of the Golden Road (a trade route between Nuremberg and Prague).
  • “White Gold of Bavaria”, ceramics presented by Bausher’s Factory (food ceramics) and Zeltmann Factory (household ceramics).
  • In Weiden crystal products are produced by the branch of the company called Nachtmann.
  • On the Market Square the ancient buildings of the Renaissance epoch can be found. On Wednesdays and Saturdays fairs are held there.
  • The old town hall was built by Hans Noplem, master carpenter Hans Stieber and master mason Andreas Falk from 1539 to 1545 years. On the first floor small shops are opened. Inside the town hall, in the courtroom, there is a unique beam handmade cover made in XVI century.

The very atmosphere of the Weiden appears to ensure relaxation, restoration of health, enjoying nature, beauty and incredible tranquility, which we lack so much in our modern life . Choosing medical tourism and combining rest and treatment in Germany and the Czech Republic, you will get from Europe not only wonderful memories, but also confidence in your health.

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