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​Medical Tourism in Germany

Today, medical tourism in Germany is very well developed. The most popular medical tourism destinations include: surgery, treatment of malignant tumors, plastic surgery and neurosurgery. Thanks to the highest level of medical services and technical equipment, almost all clinics in Germany enjoy an excellent reputation throughout the world, not just in Europe.

Medical Tourism in Germany

Most Renowned Medical Centers in Germany

Among the most popular health centers should be included: the Munich clinic neurosurgery, neurosurgical clinic of Professor Hasler, International Cancer Center, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria European Cancer Center University and many others.

German spas and rehabilitation centers are well known to foreign tourists. Famous Baden-Baden is not for the first century offers tourists from around the world-class service and a unique opportunity to recovery using mineral springs and unique climate. Today in Germany there are more than three hundred and fifty spas and rehabilitation centers, which enable hundreds of thousands of people to undergo treatment and rehabilitation after injuries and serious illnesses.

Cities with the most developed medical tourism are Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Cologne. Only thanks to foreign tourists, Germany receives more than nine million Euros annually. Huge profits for decades brings German plastic surgery. Many stars of show business and just wealthy people prefer German quality plastic surgery. To date, the vast majority of plastic surgery in Germany is done by foreigners, immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Features of Healthcare in Germany

Without a doubt, the benefits of medical tourism in Germany are obvious, but along with the highest level of service and quality of medical services available, there is certain features. First of all, there is a high price policy for medical services.

On the whole, today German medicine involves the combined public and private sector. As in public institutions, private clinics are operating in the system of the state regulation, so privileged categories can be served in the private medical institutions, but the scope of services has its budgetary constraints.

Keep In Mind

For tourists from other countries, the German healthcare system deficiencies are largely in cash and time expenses for services. Typically, in order to get visa it’s necessary not only to spend a significant amount of money, but also wait for a few weeks or even several months. In many patients, such as oncology, there’s no such time. In addition, to be treated in Germany, you must contact the clinic and the interest to pay in full all the treatment, and then to the embassy.

One more obstacle for treatment in Germany is the language barrier. In this country, probably more than any other country in the world, there is a "linguistic distance", so in addition to spending on paperwork and medical care itself, you will have to look for an interpreter, provided of course that you do not have him/her already.  

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