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​Treatment and Clinics in Germany

Healing, researching and teaching on the highest possible level are the principles of Europes biggest University clinical centre. Binnur Cömert from Istanbul is one of the 7.500 medical students at the Charité. She is thrilled of the high technical standards and the learning conditions in Germany.
Quality of the German health care system, can safely be called one, if not the best in the world. Level of clinics, health centers and hospitals is that they are leaders in various fields of medicine, and the set of operations in Germany, which has become routine for the German doctors in many countries are included in the category of extraordinary. For treatment in this country patients from different countries visit with different reasons for that. This, of course, and the level of training of doctors who actually constitute the main value of German medicine, and the opportunity to get a comprehensive treatment plan for optimal in immaculate conditions, which are clinic patients, and high qualification of middle and junior medical staff.  

Treatment and Clinics in Germany

Excellent specialists in different fields of medicine, leading clinics and rehabilitation centers, medical and preventive spas, the latest diagnostic and treatment equipment (replacement of medical equipment in hospitals happens every 3 years), the most advanced technology and treatment methods, advanced pharmaceutical industry, made urgent trip for the treatment of various diseases and for the citizens of Russia and the CIS, with prices for treatment in Germany that are slightly lower than the cost of similar medical services in other Western European countries and significantly lower than the cost of treatment in the U.S.

What Do They Treat?

Best German clinics offer the widest range of treatment for diseases . The required volume of treatment is determined individually for each patient, depending on the diagnosis and staging. If necessary, surgery selects the optimum method for preference of least traumatic sparing endoscopic techniques. Here's a great attention to operations on transplantation of internal organs and arthroplasty in Germany. Hip arthroplasty in Germany - this year about 100,000 operations, knee arthroplasty in Germany - about 50,000 operations a year, such an effective method helps disabled people to abandon wheelchairs and crutches and have an active lifestyle.

Diagnostics in Germany

Quite often people are coming into the country not only for treatment but also for comprehensive health survey: thanks to a clear and well-functioning health system performance, this survey takes much less time, which can be a decisive factor for the treatment of certain diseases. Of course, here the most modern methods of diagnosis (check-up in Germany), which allow a precise diagnosis: scintigraphy, ultrasound, positron emission computed tomography, and more. Genetic, immunological and molecular biological studies make it possible to establish the diagnosis of rare diseases.

Rehabilitation in Germany

In addition, many people from around the world aspire to get for consultation or treatment and undergo rehabilitation after surgeries, injuries, illnesses. Well-developed network of rehabilitation centers in Germany give excellent opportunities to conduct a quick and complete recovery of the patient. Specialized rehabilitation hospitals have a comprehensive scientific program of psychological and physical recovery.

Therapeutic Resorts of Germany

In addition to the above, not to mention the health resorts and sanatoriums of Germany, situated in a picturesque and ecologically clean places nearby natural sources of mineral water, mud or thermal springs. Balneological resorts of famous Bavarian Alps mountain have fresh air, sources of sulfate mineral water and pristine purity of nature, making it possible to combine relaxation with treatment and rehabilitation of physical and mental strength.

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