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All matters relating to the woman's life: gynecology, pregnancy, mammalogy and relationships with men, children, friends and colleagues, as well as female careerism and other psychological aspects of the behavior of women.

Routine Mammograms Possibly Dangerous for Females Over 70
Mammogram for females of 70 and older might cause more damage than good, as reported by a big new study.These screenings do not minimize the…
​Exercise Can Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain
Fibromyalgia is not so easy to diagnose and it may take time before patients realize what is making their bodies pain. When Lynn Matallana…
​Diet Soft Drinks and the Hearts of Women
Females who are significant consumers of diet drinks might be more inclined to experience dangerous blood clots, attacks and other…
Searching Dr. Google: How to Speak To Your Doctor About On-Line Health Information
Many senior physicians practicing nowadays went through health-related training at a period when individuals were obedient and inactive.…
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