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Are Modern Gadgets Harmful To Eyes?

Recent medical statistics say that today's children spend in different monitors up to ten hours a day! At the same time, the maximum amount of time that is allowed to spend in front of a teenager, a maximum of three hours a day for children of primary school age - no more than an hour.

Are Modern Gadgets Harmful To Eyes?

But, since it is difficult to imagine modern life without the active use of various gadgets, you should try to reduce the risk of adverse effects on vision, to a minimum.

The gadgets can be harmful for the eyes

There are two main problems that beset those who often uses gadgets - smartphones, tablets, e-books and so on.

  • First of all, the chance of developing myopia is true or false, so-called myopia. The difference between these two pathologies is this, if true myopia occurs elongation of the eyeball, that is, it stretches and distorts the image. In myopia occurs muscle spasm, so the picture loses its sharpness.
  • The second problem - the development of dry eye syndrome, which arises from the fact that the child is too interested in what is happening on the screen and forget to blink to eyes moistened in a natural way.

How to avoid problems when using gadgets

to minimize the risk of vision problems while using various gadgets, you must use the following guidelines:

Pixels and size are important

when buying another electronic gadget for your child, you need to pay special attention to the characteristics of the screen. Especially harmful are considered too small screen with a small resolution.

The screen resolution - the number of pixels per inch, so the fewer points, the worse will be the image, the picture will be blurred, and therefore will have to strain your eyes more.

If the resolution is good, but the screen is too small, it will have to strain your eyes too, but less than in low resolution. Example, the minimum resolution for the four-inch screen - 960 640, but it is better to give priority to the resolution of full HD or HD.

Music Rest

significant negative impact on the vision and provides that a monitor that are holding is not static. For example, if a child is watching television or working on my desktop, and vision is much less strained than while watching cartoons on the tablet, which should be held in the hands. Every second, even a minimal change of position of the screen causes the development of myopia. It is therefore advisable to purchase special devices that hold the monitor, that is, the function resemble a lectern.


child forgets to blink while watching a cartoon or a movie on the gadget is mainly due to too bright backlight. This is especially true for LCD screens. Most of view are considered safe for the modern reader (electronic book), which use a technology called "electronic ink", the main feature of which is that the page looks faintly like the present paper.

But you can adjust the lighting of the screen, and other gadgets. In the room, on a cloudy day, for example, tablet or smartphone, rather the third part of the full illumination. It remains a pressing using gadgets advice - do not read in the dark, that is not to light the screen is so bright that you can read in a dark room. It is enough to turn on the desk lamp and make the gadget a muted lighting.

Recommendations of ophthalmologists

If you can not buy a baby really high quality gadget with a nice big screen and good resolution, it is not necessary to purchase a cheap analog and expose the child's vision at risk. It is better to buy a home, a good TV, not too large, if the area of the room does not allow it, but with a quality screen.

More time to give the child to play with him, walk in the fresh air, exercise, socialize, to time spent at the screen, it was minimal. This will not only save visual acuity, but will strengthen the health of the child as a whole.

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