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How To Avoid Foot Sweating

Excessive feet sweating is a problem with which many people are facing, especially in the summer. The reason for feet sweating and, as a consequence, the unpleasant odor is basically a bad habit to wear shoes made of synthetic materials, which are impermeable. In turn, sweat and humidity attract a large number of bacteria, waste products which have become a source of odor from the feet.

How To Avoid Foot Sweating

But this problem can be fast enough to get rid of if you stick to 6 simple rules.

Rule №1: Regular use of antibacterial soaps

Quite simply. Get rid of laziness! Wash your feet at least twice a day with antibacterial soap, after which the legs should be carefully fried with the help of a dry with a towel. Your feet should in no case remain wet, as this is exactly the thing that it will attract bacteria and make your feet become a source of odor again. A good solution after water treatment will be wiping the feet and the area between the toes with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, which will help to get rid of the remaining microorganisms.

Rule №2: Foot Deodorant

Most deodorants for foot contain special antibacterial and antifungal agents. But if you can not find a special deodorant, you can use a conventional antiperspirant or treat feet with children's talcum powder. This procedure must be repeated each time after washing the feet and before leaving the house.

Rule №3: Only natural and fresh means

To eliminate sweating of the feet you must once and forever abandon the synthetic socks in favor of natural materials. You should also avoid wearing a pair of used socks the next day because they are to become a favorable environment for bacteria. So you should wear fresh tights or socks every day.

Rule №4: The choice of shoes

Ideally, the shoes should be made from genuine leather only, as well as with the use of modern technologies, which allow air to circulate. Care for shoes should be no less precise than for fresh socks, that is, they should be thoroughly cleaned with the use of various disinfectants every day. Fro summer period it is best to choose open top models so that it would not be hot for legs. And to reduce dirt and dust tight leg protecting by sole or wedge is desirable. If necessary, shoe insoles should be changed at least once a month, as they have become a place of accumulation of bacteria and odor.

Rule №5: Care for toes

Most bacteria accumulates between the toes. To avoid this unpleasant phenomenon after each washing of the feet, the skin between fingers can be cleaned with vinegar dissolved in water (one part of the proportion of vinegar should be dissolved in five parts of water). To enhance the antibacterial effect of vinegar, you can add three or four drops of thyme oil, which has potent antifungal effect, inot the solution.

Rule №6: Foot Care should be permanent

You should not forget about feet skin at night, as at night you can achieve sustainable results in the fight against excessive sweating. At night you can wear socks with shredded oak bark powder. During sleep, oak bark powder will bind particles sweat and transform them into another substance. Lavender oil also has a good antibacterial effect. It can be used before sleeping for the skin of the feet and areas between the fingers.

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