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Is Hookah Smoking Harmful?

Mankind has created dozens of different devices to protect people from the negative impact of external factors. For example, rubber gloves protect hands from the effect of household chemicals, gauze mask will help to avoid getting infected with flu and so on. But is it possible to include hookah, the construction of which involves the purification of smoke with water, wine or milk from the impurities, to such adaptations? Is smoking hookah is safe, and is ut an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes?

Impact on health: hookah

Hookah was invented in India many centuries ago and quickly became popular among Muslims. Among Europeans hookah is considered to be exotic, so it is sold primarily in the souvenir shops or offered as a service in a variety of places for entertainment. For many people hookah seems to be  an attractive alternative to cigarettes because:

  • Its smoked not constantly, but from time to time.
  • Hookah smoking helps you relax.
  • The smoke of hookah is pre-cleaned from contaminants.

But scientists claim that hookah smoking is no less dangerous to health than smoking cigarettes. It should be remembered that cigarettes are produced according to generally accepted international standards, so the damage from them can be counted, whereas,  hookah tobaco production is not regulated by law, and it is difficult to estimate how harmful it can really be to human body.

Harm of hookah

Without a doubt, as well as any smoking sources, hookah is injurious to health. The World Health Organization warns that hookah smoking is cannot be considered as a harmless alternative to regular cigaretes smoking. Among the most significant drawbacks of smoking of hookah are the following factors:

  • Nicotine, as well as other harmful contaminants, is present both in hookah, and cigarettes. Even after cleaning with water, milk or wine, these impurities remain in a certain concentration and get ingested. In addition, during the evening hookah smoking, you can get ten times greater dose of nicotine than from regular cigarettes.
  • If you smoke hookah regularly, it causes the same nicotine dependence, as cigarettes do.
  • Long hookah smoking provokes nausea, headache, and other symptoms of poisoning.
  • In the process of smoking hookah, a person is making some effort to inhale the smoke, and this leads to the fact that the smoke gets deeper into the lungs.
  • Smoking a hookah in the group of people without the use of personal protection means can cause various infections, such as tuberculosis, SARS, influenza, hepatitis B and others.
  • Regular smoking of hookah, as well as smoking of cigarettes leads to the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.

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