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The Most Common Male Psychological Complexes

Despite the apparent virility, many representatives of a strong half of humanity are very vulnerable deep within and full of different psychological complexes with which they struggle for life. By the way, they can even not suspect of having soemof them.

The Most Common Male Psychological Complexes

Therefore, the following list includes most common male complexes:

Complex of Alexander

Despite the fact that the name Alexander is the most common male name, the majority of people associate it only with one known person that is  Alexander the Great. It is an honor for the ancient military leader to get most common male complex under his name. According to statistics, about 80% of men have this complex. Its essence lies in the fear of men to look not manly enough, that is homosexual in the eyes of other men.

As for Alexander the Great, in regards of whose honor this complex was named, it is not worth to associate him with the suffering of the majority of modern men as he did not have this complex. Like most men of that time, Alexander The Great had sexual relations with people of the same sex, but it was normal in those days, especially during the preiods of constant military campaigns.

Hercules Complex

Hercules is known to everyone as a strong and fearless hero. But, according to mythology, in his life there was a "dark" period, when he was enslaved by the queen of the Amazons , and he was forced to serve her for a while, that is to perform exclusively women's work. Although in the modern civilized world the work is not divided into "male" and " female" ones, yet a huge number of men, to put it mildly, clean the house, washing dishes and cook contemptuously. Somewhere in the depths of the subconscious they have the subconcious fear of becoming a submissive "housewife".  And what women call as banal laziness, psychologists identify as "a complex of Hercules".  And, perhaps, no woman would not be surprised that such a thing as a complex of Heracles was introduced by men psychologists.

Complex of Lot

The history of this complex and its roots got back to antiquity. After the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the rebirth of the human race fell on the shoulders of Lot, who was forced to use his own daughters as his wives. Today the complex of Lot is a fear that is experiencing a father, as soon as there occurs his beloved daughter. But the interesting fact is that rather not, but their daughter suffer from this complex, because sometimes boundless fatherly love negates all girl's attempts to arrange her personal lives.

Napoleon complex

The most famous complex of men of a small stature. A distinctive feature of it is the exorbitant ambition and desire to assert oneself at the expense of others. Woe to the one who's chief is of small stature as there will be neither quarter nor career. Especially if you are "lucky" enough to be head and shoulders higher than he is.

Complex of Don Juan

Another well-known complex is the fear of being abandoned by women. Men with complex of Don Juan never wait to be broken up with and they do it first, even if the relationships have the perspective.

Complex of Kotovsky

Modern fashion for men that is to shave their heads is one of the manifestations of the complex, or rather an attempt to deal with it. All men are afraid to be bald, because it speaks of the natural process of aging, and to somehow reverse the process, they are pre-shave their head so after some time it would be not so visible that there is not much hair to shave.

Complex of chief

This complex has a lot to do with the complex of Hercules, but has more blurred boundaries, which cover more areas of life. Men with a complex chief fear being subordinate or find that their partner is more successful in one's career or earns more.

Complex of pensioner

All men are afraid of pension , because they associate it with old age. And who wants to be old? Therefore, at the age of men 50+ increasingly manifest rivalry with young and enthusiastic colleagues. The result is often deplorable, as thye get heart attack or stroke as a result of excessive loads.

The complex of powerlessness

Some people believe that a man must always want women, and want different females and better all of them. Few of the representatives of the strong half of humanity think that this postulate it imposed by modern mass culture and that it is far from the normal state of things. And even when a young man discovers that he has no sexual desire for anything that moves around wearing a skirt, he begins to think about impotence. The complex of male impotence will not make one wait for a ong time for it.

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