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Intimate Hygiene: Tampons Or Pads

What to choose - sanitary towels or tampons? How to combine health, safety and convenience? How to choose the means of hygiene? And how to use them properly? The tips below will help to deal with all these issues and facilitate the choice of the means of personal hygiene.

Intimate Hygiene: Tampons Or Pads

Sanitary towels

Sanitary pads are the most popular means of personal hygiene in the critical days, so manufacturers offer a huge selection of products, that is from ultra thin with the thickness of two millimeters to the ones with the maximum capacity that are from 12 to 15 millimeters. The shape, structure, material that absorbs the maximum amount of moisture, aromatic components - all of these you can choose according to your own preferences.

Typically, sanitary napkins are divided into three categories according to the amount of the absorbent discharges, such as Normal, Super, Super + (night). Therefore, their choice relies on the fact of how intense the discharges are. It is quite simple to determine the intensity of discharge as if one sanitary towel is enough for you for three or more hours, this means of hygiene is suitable for you. If it isit is enought for less then three hours, you should choose a gasket with great potential. The so-called night pads are not only able to absorb more moisture, but also due to the size and shape of the wings, they prevent leakage when you sleep.

How to use sanitary napkins

Menses are the breeding ground for a variety of infections that can easily penetrate into the internal reproductive organs if you do not follow the rules of hygiene. Therefore, frequent changes of hygiene means is an important procedure for maintaining health. Highlights in the use of pads are:

  • Change them at least every 3-4 hours.
  • Change clothes at least twice a day, but preferably at each change of pads.
  • Water treatments (cleaning the external genitalia) each time you change the gasket is also very desirable.
  • Change of the gasket is required after each act of defecation.

Daily Panty liners

Despite the name "daily", gynecologists do not recommend using these gaskets every day, as long use can cause an allergic reaction. It is advisable to use pads for every day in the postpartum period, the last day of menstruation, when the discharges are scarce in nature, during postmenopausal period, or  in case they are needed, for example, when it is not possible to take a shower and change clothes .

Advantages of sanitary towels

  • Safety for women's health can be maintnained if you follow the rules of hygiene and change pads in a timely manner.
  • They prevent leakage due to the presence of the flaps.
  • Ease of use.
  • Easy to control and change.

Disadvantages of sanitary towels

  • The can cause sweating, which results in skin irritation.
  • You can not wear white clothes and short skirts.
  • You can not swim in the pool or pond .
  • You may experience an allergic reaction to material the gaskets or flavoring are made of.
  • Feeling of discomfort.


Tampons, unlike gaskets, are not felt, do not bring any discomfort and have a number of advantages when properly administered. But one can not constantly use tampons, as they can increase the risk of infection, and vaginal dryness may occur due to the destruction of the natural defense mechanism.

How to use tampons

The tampon should be changed every three hours. For this reason, it is advisable not to use them as the night means of hygiene. As with the use of panty liners, every time you change a tampon it is preferable tp wash the external genitals with soap or gel for intimate hygiene. If the swab is administrated correctly, it is absolutely not dangerous to health. To learn how to enter it properly, it is desirable to use tampons with applicator for the first time, which helps to place it inside the body.

Advantages of tampons

  • Complete comfort.
  • The opportunity to swim in the pool or pond and sunbathe.
  • Girls who are not sexually active can use tampons, without the risk to damage the hymen.
  • The opportunity to put on any clothes.

Disadvantages of tampons

  • You can not use them all the time.
  • They can not be used by women who have inflammation of the reproductive system .
  • There is at a risk of infection.
  • Skills necessary for the proper administration are required.
  • They can cause vaginal dryness.
  • High cost.

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