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Active Rest: Roller Skating

Rollers are the favorite pastime and a great alternative to sports activities for those who are bored with and not interested in the gym. Roller skating is not restricted with mandatory sports rules and is more funny and entertaining.

Active Rest: Roller Skating

When riding a roller, we get a sense of freedom and positive emotions to charge for the whole day, but other than that the rollers have a positive effect on the body and help to train almost all the muscles of the body.

The use of roller skates

Another obvious plus of skating is that the skating person develops coordination and balanceof body, as well as learning to evenly transfer your his or her weight from one foot to the other.

Regular skating will help to learn to control your own body, will make the movement more plastic and esthetic. In addition, roller skating is a great exercise for those who would like to lose weight. All at once, and at an average speed of skating, one can burn about 400 calories. And yet, when being on the skates you are likely fall back, this risk of strain stimulates the back muscles and helps in the formation of the right posture.

Well, another important fact is that roller skating is a great way to escape from work and daily problems. During the ride, the body produces a hormone of happiness, which improves mood.

What you need to know when choosing roller skates?

Most importantly, remember that your clothes should always be convenient and comfortable, only then riding roller skates will bring a real pleasure to you. Do not forget about protection from falls, that include helmet, knee and elbow pads .

When choosing the rollersthemselves, decide what is your goal? If your choice is aggressive or you prefere speed skating, you need one model of rollers, and if you just ride for fun you would need a different one. Acquire better videos in specialized stores, their employees will always be able to give a picese of competent advice.

Good luck and have great trips!

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