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Autumn Vitamins: How To Strengthen The Immune System In Fall

With the first cool autumn days, the risk of colds and exacerbated chronic ailments grows. To avoid these unpleasant consequences, everyone should strengthen the immune system and consume enough vitamins. It is especially important to eat so-called autumn vitamins as they stock should protect the body in winter during an epidemic of influenza and SARS. So, what should you eat in fall to avoid going to pharmacy in winter?

Autumn Vitamins: How To Strengthen The Immune System In Fall

Autumn fruits

Start eating more autumn fruits grown in the villages. Apples, pears, plums, quince – these are real storehouses of vitamins that help you strengthen the immune system before long cold months.

Autumn vegetables

No less useful are autumn vegetables, especially, since during the fall there are so many of them available. There are lots of vegetable dishes, which were simply created to enjoy yourself in the rainy off-season. Roasted vegetables, cooked vegetable dishes, thistles, stews, casseroles and so on. You not only will enjoy wonderful taste, but you'll also supply the body with a whole range of vitamins and minerals.


Chokeberry is useful for strengthening the body's protective mechanisms and helps to lower blood pressure and improve the condition of the vessels. In fact, chokeberry is a great tool to cope with atherosclerotic plaques. Patients with heart diseases should be sure to stock up with chokeberry for the winter.


Sea buckthorn is rich in vitamin C. It may be consumed in 2 flavors: either as a berry,  as tincture or as tea. In addition to vitamin C, seabuckthorn contains many useful minerals that are beneficial to the metabolic processes in the body. It is very wholesome to eat buckthorn for people suffering from gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. .


Cranberries are also rich in vitamin C. After the first symptoms of a cold, it is enough to eat a couple of handfuls of this useful berry in order to stop the disease. As a precaution for immunity weakening, cranberries can be eaten with honey and cheese. This mix is made for a gloomy autumn morning!


This wonderful berry is very useful for those who often suffer from ENT organ diseases. A little bit of mashed berries mixed with honey should be added to tea or just poured with boiling water. Should you face nasal congestion or sore throat symptoms, eating viburnum should help.

Dairy products

Of course, everyone knows that milk products are good for our body. This is true, but eating them in fall is especially important, as they help to restore the microflora and, hence, improve the immune system. People who do not tolerate lactose can take special yogurt in capsules; however they are less useful than the fermented products.

Fish Oil

And old and forgotten tool to improve the body's resistance is fish oil. Today, doctors again became prescribing it in order to prevent various diseases. Especially now, as you may purchase the fish oil at any pharmacy in small capsules. It is extremely useful for children of primary school age.

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