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Supplements In Diabetes Treatment

Since diabetes is an endocrine disease, it has two application aspects, which are the following:

  1. Dining for the persone suffering from diabetes should fully compensate the lack of biologically active substances and nutrients that are necessary for normal life support the body's cells .
  2. Meals should have soft normalizing effect on the endocrine glands.

Supplements In Diabetes Treatment

It is known that diabetes occurs during the relative or absolute deficiency of insulin, which, in turn, affects absorption of nutritional components, such as glucose, adversely. Thus, dietary supplements for diabetes are used to maintain normal blood glucose levels, as well as to improve the secretory activity of beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin and regulate metabolic processes .


Without a doubt, sugar and its synthetic substitutes do not affect the health of a persone sufering from diabetes on the dest way, so they should not be in the diet of sick person. An excellent alternative to sugar may be stevia, that is a so-called "honey grass".  When consumed regularly, stevia significantly reduced blood sugar level, thus, improveing liver and pancreas and dicreasing cholesterol level.

Sorbents and fiber

Supplements that contain a large number of sorbents and plant fibers, ie fiber, definitely have a positive impact on the health of people suffering from diabetes. First, they create a sense of satiety, and bind glucose, thus preventing it from forming polysaccharides.

Essential minerals

For patients with diabetes the essential trace elements are:

  • Zinc, as it helps in the development of antioxidant enzymes and has a positive effect on the functioning of pancreas.
  • Chromium, which has a similar function with Zinc.

Supplements that reduce blood sugar levels

Typically, dietary supplements, which reduce blood sugar level, consist of plants having hypoglycemic activity. These are medicines that contain: shoots of blueberries, strawberries, green beans, nettle leaves, bay leaf and many others. In addition, the ones that have a similar effect include: garlic, onions, ginseng, Siberian ginseng and others.

Prevention of complications of diabetes

  • Prevention of neuropathy and angiopathy implies taking dietary supplements that contain  grape seed extract and Ginko.
  • An important component for preventing the above pathologies includes additives with a high antioxidant activity, for example, vitamins C and E.
  • Amino acids have positive influence on metabolic processes in the body.

Improving immunity

Important role for the general health of the person suffering from diabetes is layed by immune system that can be maintained with the help of drugs based on so-called bee products, such as royal jelly and polle. These dietary supplements can be taken in case the person is not allergic to bee products.

How and when to take dietary supplements for patients with diabetes

  • The effectiveness of dietary supplements depends not only on the main components, but also on the time of reception.
  • For example, to reduce the absorption of glucose, dietary supplements that contain fiber and must be taken with food.
  • It is better to take chelators half an hour before the meal, but do not take them with other drugs, as it will reduce their effectiveness.
  • Amino acids should be consumed half an hour before a meal.
  • Vitamins and minerals are absorbed optimally when taken together with dietary food.

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