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​Vitamin H: Indications for the Use

​Vitamin H: Indications for the Use
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Vitamin H or biotin is a water-soluble vitamin belonging to the group B. It is also called vitamin B7. Most rich in vitamin H are spinach, tomatoes, yeast, egg yolk, soybeans, liver, mushrooms.

Vitamin H: Indications for the Use

Side effects associated with overdose, even with a long reception do not occur. The recommended daily dose is 30 mg. With intensive physical activities, such as bodybuilding, higher doses of vitamin - 200 mcg. and more is required.

The Use of Vitamin H

Biotin is applied in such cases:

  • Lack of vitamin D in the body associated with an unbalanced diet, alcohol abuse, intestinal dysbiosis, long-term administration of anticonvulsants and antibiotics.
  • To normalize blood sugar.
  • In case of sebaceous glands disorder in the skin of the head: brittleness, hair loss, dandruff.
  • Vitamin H is used as an aid in apathy, muscle weakness, reduced appetite, dermatitis, drowsiness, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Biotin is often used in sports, is essential for amino acid metabolism and energy supply of muscles. Often a deficiency of vitamin D is the cause of the slow development of muscle tissue. The reason for this vitamin deficiency in athletes may be due to the habit of using raw eggs, as formed of indigestible compound that prevents the absorption of biotin.

Pharmacologic Usage of Biotin

It takes part in the merger (synthesis) of higher fatty acids and a healthy metabolism in the body.

Biotin takes part in carbohydrate metabolism and interacts with the hormone insulin. This function is especially important in patients with diabetes mellitus, as it helps maintain a stable blood sugar level.

Vitamin D has a beneficial effect in the treatment of separation, brittle hair and nails, seborrheic dermatitis, impaired growth and development.

Biotin controls the metabolism of fat cells in the skin and hair, and stops hair loss with alopecia non-hormonal origin.

Vitamin D promotes the absorption of proteins involved in metabolism, along with other B vitamins

Biotin is useful for weight loss, as it promotes the degradation of fatty acids and stored fat.

Vitamin H has beneficial effects on health nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract, is essential for the synthesis of hemoglobin.

Vitamin H is indispensable during physical exertion, especially in sports. Its use must be regular to ensure proper metabolism and energy circulation in the body and muscles.

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