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Vitamin E: Where Its Contained

Vitamin E: Where Its Contained
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Vitamin E (tocopherol) is an antioxidant that participates directly in the extension of the suspension of the youth and the natural aging process of the body.

Vitamin E: Where Its Contained

Vitamin E is fat-soluble. It is virtually impossible to alkalis and high temperatures, and thus is retained in the cooking process. Vitamin products can persist for a long time. Despite the ability of tocopherol being stored at high temperatures (200 ° C), during prolonged frying vegetable products or vitamin E oil remains in a small dish.

Vitamin E is virtually absent in the products of animal origin. This food category is found only in egg yolks, liver, milk.

Fresh vegetables contain a sufficient concentration of this vitamin. In vegetables frozen its content is reduced by half, and in canned vegetables it virtually none. In small quantities it is contained in margarine.

Highest concentration of vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, as well as seeds, nuts, whole grains, broccoli, spinach.

Products containing vitamin E also include: radishes, carrots, oatmeal, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, green leafy vegetables.

Some herbs are rich in vitamin E: raspberry leaves, dandelion, alfalfa, rose hips, nettle, flax seeds.

Importance of Vitamin E for the Body

main function of tocopherol in the body is to protect cell membranes, preventing the action of free radicals. Thus, vitamin E prevents metabolic disorder.

Molecules of vitamin E protect red blood cells, contributing to the normal blood cells transference of oxygen to tissues and organs.

This vitamin helps to relieve the symptoms of hangover, intoxication by alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances. No wonder after a party with lots of drinking alcohol and smoking is recommended to drink a tablespoon of flaxseed oil, olive oil or any other vegetable oil.

Recipe Vitamin

Vitamin E is resistant to heat treatment, so it can be consumed not only from fresh fruits and vegetables, but also various jams, juices, jelly, vitamin mixtures. Vitaminized mixture can be bought at the pharmacy, specialty stores, and you can prepare yourself. To do this, take 1 kg. of mountain ash, 250 gr. walnut, 250 gr. hazelnuts (filberts). All components of mince and add honey 500g. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed, place in refrigerator for storage. Take this vitamin mixture for 1-2 tablespoons a day with the third part of a cup of warm water.

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