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​Chromium: Why It's Important

​Chromium: Why It's Important
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Chromium (Cr) is a macro element contained in the body including brain, muscle, adrenal glands. It is an integral part of all fats.

Chromium: Why It's Important

Chromium Daily Requirements

  • Preschool children: 11 mcg.
  • Adolescent Children: 15-35 mg.
  • Adults: 50 mcg.

Chromium Benefits For the Body

By interacting with insulin, chromium promotes the absorption of glucose in the blood and its penetration in cells. This trace element increases insulin sensitivity, enhances its effect. Chromium reduces the need for hormone insulin in patients with diabetes, as well as helps to prevent the development of this disease.

Macro element chromium regulates tissue respiration and enzyme activity of protein synthesis. It is involved in lipid metabolism and transporting the protein in the body.

This trace mineral helps to reduce the blood pressure, reduce anxiety and fear, fatigue.

Sources of Chromium

  • The highest concentration of chromium is found in meat, liver, beef, beans, pearl barley, grain products with whole grain (cereals).
  • Sufficient amount of chromium can be found in the egg whites, wheat white flour, chickens, beer, milk, skim. However, the biological activity of these products is very low.
  • Symptoms of Chromium Deficiency
  • Stunting.
  • Violation of the central nervous system.
  • Onset of symptoms similar to diabetes (the presence of glucose in the urine, reduction in the rate of insulin in the blood).
  • Increased serum concentrations of fat.
  • Increase on the walls of the aorta of atherosclerotic plaques amount.
  • Decrease lifetime.
  • Decreased ability of sperm to fertilize.

Excess calcium in the body can lead to a lack chromium.

Use of refined products such as wheat flour, sugar, candies, carbonated beverages, reduces the concentration of chromium in the body.

Stress, infection, protein deficiency, exercise also reduces levels of chromium in the blood.

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