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​Silicon: Why It’s Needed

​Silicon: Why It’s Needed
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Silicon (Si), otherwise known as silica, is the most common chemical element in the nature after oxygen. In humans, its composition is 7 grams of total body weight.

Silicon: Why It’s Needed

Silica is essential for the healthy functioning of the epithelium and connective tissue. An adult requires about 30 mg. this substance per day. The need for it is increasing in osteoporosis, fractures, neurological disorders.

Silicic acid is present in many organs of the human body. The highest concentration is found in the epidermis and the young tissue. Silicon is easily absorbed by the body at any age.

Silicon Effects on the Body

Silicon is important for the normal process of fat metabolism in the body. The presence of silica prevents the penetration of the blood plasma and fat deposition in the vessel wall.

Silicon promotes collagen synthesis and bone formation.

This macrocell reduces cholesterol by preventing its accumulation, has a vasodilator effect than lowers blood pressure.

It stimulates the immune system and participate in maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

Silica improves the absorption of calcium and iron.

In case of shortage of silicon the body begins to show signs of "old age": the deterioration of mental and emotional health;

  • reaction to changes in the weather;
  • subtlety and brittle hair and nails, the possibility of baldness,
  • loss of skin elasticity;
  • frequent occurrence of inflammation, bruising, chronic manifestation of healing;
  • herpes, fungal infections, pressure sores, dandruff.

There are known cases of curing acne using silica ingestion.

In dental practice using silica is possible for healing of ulcerative gingivitis.

Having been a member of the connective tissue silica is important for the extension of youth, health and vitality of the body. It reduces the permeability and capillary fragility.

With age, the silica content in the body decreases, which affects the condition of the skin and bone. Bone fragility in old age is explained by the lack of silicon along with calcium. This trace mineral promotes growth of strong bones, so it is necessary for children, the elderly and young people.

This macrocell is favorable for the heart, eye health.

With increase in the diet of foods rich in silicon or silicon-taking drugs can successfully treat a number of diseases: epilepsy, dystrophy, obesity, rheumatism, atherosclerosis.

Sources of Silicon

Most silicon is contained in horsetail, coltsfoot, nettle, dandelion leaves, kennel pharmacy, bees.

The main food sources containing this macro element are: sour milk, radishes, turnips , tomatoes, leek, sunflower seeds, sweet peppers, peanuts, oats, eggs.

Good sources of silicon are wheat (germ and whole), rye.

Healthy man sticking with a balanced diet, getting enough silicon with the diet.

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