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​Vitamin BB: Why It’s Important

​Vitamin BB: Why It’s Important
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Vitamin BB (pyridoxine) is a form of vitamin B6. This vitamin is soluble in alcohol, water, and not soluble in fat solvents, ether. It gets quickly destroyed by light, but withstands high temperatures and the effect of oxygen.

Vitamin BB: Why It’s Important

Vitamin is contained in products of plant and animal origin. Therefore, the combined power requirement for it is fully satisfied. In addition, it is produced in the gut.

Vitamin BB gets synthesized in the intestine and enters the body through food.

Pyridoxine promotes the normal absorption of vitamin B12 and is essential for the formation of magnesium compounds in the body.

Daily Requirement of Vitamin BB

For younger children: 0,4-0, 9 mg.

Adolescent children: 1.2-1.6 mg.

Adults: 2 mg.

Need for vitamin increases:

  • in the cold season,
  • with physical labor, sports,
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • neuro-psychological stress;
  • working with toxic chemicals and radioactive substances;
  • receive large amounts of protein.

Vitamin BB is easily digested. Its excess is excreted with the urine. If there is a shortage of magnesium, there is noticeably worse absorption of vitamin BB.

Beneficial Properties of vitamin BB

Pyridoxine is involved in the enzymatic formation. These enzymes provide work for more than 60 different enzymatic systems.

It enhances cleavage of unsaturated fatty acids.

Vitamin BB is necessary for the proper functioning of the central nervous system.

It helps to eliminate muscle spasms that occur at night, numbness in the arms, leg cramps.

This vitamin is necessary for normal synthesis of nucleic acids, which supports the immune system and slows down the aging process.

Sources of Vitamin BB

Vegetable food : green leafy vegetables, cereal grains, rice, buckwheat and wheat grains, yeast, carrots, beans, bananas, avocados, walnuts, corn, cabbage, molasses, potatoes, field mustard, soy.

Food of animal origin: milk, meat, fish, oysters, cod liver oil and cattle, heart, kidney, egg yolk.

Vitamin BB gets destroyed by processing heat. In the frozen state it’s largely preserved.

Lack of pyridoxine in the body may be due to intestinal infectious diseases, radiation sickness, disease of the liver.

Vitamin BB deficiency also occurs with antibiotics, contraceptives and anti-TB drugs, sulfonamides.

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