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​Vitamin B9: Indications for the Use

​Vitamin B9: Indications for the Use
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Folic acid (vitamin B9) is found in many foods: vegetables, fruits, herbs, animal products, fish. However, vitamin B9 is rapidly degraded by the sun, water and heat treatment. Most folic acid is found in green vegetables. To maximally preserve its concentration in the product, it can not be stored for long periods, and should be eaten raw. Also it’s useful to periodically consume dietary supplements of vitamin B9. It is worth remembering that folic acid is not absorbed with vitamin B12 deficiency. Therefore, it is desirable to take them together, and do not forget about the vitamin C.

Vitamin B9: Indications for the Use

Value of Vitamin B9

Folic acid is actively involved in hematopoiesis. Without this vitamin can not happen a full-fledged production of red blood cells. If folic acid in the body enough, the quality and composition of blood, fat and carbohydrate metabolism will be done in order. With its deficiency anemia happens.

Nucleic acid synthesis, molecules which store genetic information, can not do without the participation of vitamin B9. The body's cells are updated, developed, grow due to folic acid. It also regulates the proper digestion and sense appetite.

After 40 years, many people suffer from diseases of the stomach as a result of reduced gastric acidity. In this case, the body is unable to effectively counter the toxins, poisons, parasites, into the stomach. Poorly digests protein food. These problems can be avoided with regular use of folic acid. So every day it is advisable to eat green vegetables.

If the body is presenting the sufficient amounts of folic acid, it produces enough of joy hormone serotonin.

With Vitamin B9 brain synthesized substances that contribute to the timely transmission of nerve impulses. With it, the body produces certain hormones that contribute effectively to resist stress.

Idications for the Use of Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 is indicated for frequent stress, depression. A sufficient amount of folic acid in the body is active, energetic and optimistic in solving life's problems. With its lack person reacts to stressful situations with aggression and discontent. Noted that a ⅓ of patients seeking help to psychiatrists, suffering from a shortage of vitamin B9.

Folic acid for pregnant women is recommended. Its deficiency can cause severe fetal abnormalities, mental retardation and other brain pathologies. Preterm birth, fetal membranes rupture, the birth of a premature baby - these problems can be avoided if taken during pregnancy to take folic acid sufficient. Vitamin B9 helps relieve postpartum depression.

Upon delay of puberty in girls, as well as to facilitate the suspension of menopause and the natural aging process showing folic acid.

Possible to prevent skin diseases, ensuring adequate intake of vitamin B9.

Folic acid is recommended to people with weakness, fatigue , headaches, memory problems, anemia, pallor, insomnia, irritability.

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