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How To Lose Weight Without The Risk For Health

Every woman aspires to have a slim figure, so from time to time exhausts itself different diets. But food diet not only gets rid of extra kilos, but can seriously harm the health, of course, if you follow a diet without thinking. How to lose weight correctly and do not risk their own health, consider the following.

How To Lose Weight Without The Risk For Health

How not to risk the health of the stomach when slimming

diet during the first to suffer stomach, so excessive addicted to a strict diet is fraught with gastritis or peptic ulcer. To avoid the negative impact of diet on the stomach, you must follow these rules, of course, if there is no desire to become a permanent patient gastroenterologist:

  • Before proceeding to the next diet, you should consult with a gastroenterologist, and possibly pass some research.
  • Eating at a time shall not be in terms of less than one cup; otherwise, gastric juice is produced too much, it will irritate the stomach wall, which can cause a variety of functional disorders.
  • Always during a diet to take vitamins.
  • Clearly follow the recommendations of a nutritionist or gastroenterologist and, if not It managed to avoid stomach problems, see a doctor immediately.

It is not to risk the health of the heart during theslimming

second in a rowbody that suffers during a diet, is the heart. The fact that restrictions on the food, affect the flow of various important micronutrients that are needed for normal functioning of the heart. Therefore, weight loss is often accompanied by various types of arrhythmias, low blood pressure and other troubles with the cardiovascular system. Especially harmful to combine strict diet with intense exercise, the body which can lead to exhaustion. To avoid the negative effects of weight loss to heart, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Before losing weight, be sure to be examined by a cardiologist. In addition, to inform him of the diet, you are going to observe and exercise.
  • Any diet coordinated with the dietitian who can evaluate not only its effectiveness, but also a health hazard. Probably, intake of certain vitamins and minerals help to neutralize the damage from the diet.
  • Increasing physical activity should be gradually, not dramatically, especially if it is to exercise you do not do.
  • If during the diet is still not able to avoid heart problems, you should immediately stop diet food and to consult a cardiologist who will prescribe the treatment.

How not to damage the nervous system while slimming

Probably, many faced with the fact that a woman who is on a diet, it becomes irritable. No, it is not a manifestation of the negative traits in extreme conditions, and the banal shortage of zinc and iron, which are necessary for normal functioning of cells of the nervous system. It is therefore very important in the diet to follow some rules:

  • First of all, make sure that the weight loss you really need. Look at table height and weight ratio. If your height and weight in the normal ratio, but you still want to lose weight, you should consult a psychologist as "extra weight" you only in your head.
  • If you really have a problem with being overweight, it is necessary to harmonize food diet with a nutritionist as well as be sure to take complex vitamins, which include iron and zinc.

How to look good when slimming

process of losing weight- in any case, stress on the body, which after a while, be sure to affect the condition of the skin, nails, hair, and veins, it is with diet and intense training begins varicose veins, which is very difficult to fight. That together with overweight you are not left and beauty, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • During weight loss to take calcium supplements or foods that contain calcium in sufficient quantities - is, first of all, milk products, almonds, sesame seeds.
  • Doing regular physical activity, but observe the rule of gradual increase in load.
  • The load on the legs should be less intense than in other parts of the body, as the load on the legs going on while walking.

How to maintain women's health during weight loss

Excessive weight loss and too rigid diets are very harmful for the female health, as they can significantly reduce the hormones and even cause infertility. Therefore, before you start to lose weight, it is advisable to get tested to female hormones and weight loss programs to choose the most balanced and forgiving.

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