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Economical Diet: How To Choose Useful And Inexpensive Products

There is a perception that healthy foods are necessarily expensive. Fortunately, this is not true, and you can follow well balanced, and, at the same time not so expensive diet. Of course , it is impossible to deny that there are some products that are both useful and are expensive, such as sea fish or seafood, but they can be included in the diet from time to time. This approach is useful for health and the budget will not much affected.

Economical Diet: How To Choose Useful And Inexpensive Products

So, to eat a balanced diet and not to go beyond the family budget , you need to follow a few simple rules.

Home cooking

Home cooked food has many advantages, where an important role is played by security, calories, which can be controlled, and the relative cheapness. If one dines in the cafe or restaurant every day, by the end of the month, this will result in a decent amount that could be spent more efficiently, for example, on buying buy healthy food. In addition, in public places one can never be sure that the products used to prepare the dishes are of a good quality and are being kept in compliance with sanitation .

Food in simple packaging

We all know how expensive promotional items are. Beautiful, bright packaging, with attractive promotional offers is one of the main ways to advertise goods and to bring the attention of the consumer to them. For this reason that the products that proudly have recognized brand name can cost several times more expensive than their competitors that are packaged in a simple, modest package without promotions and big names of manufacturers.

Wholesale purchases

Cereals, pasta, sugar and other products that are stored for a long time are more profitable to be bought in large packages. Firstly, the so-called "bulk packaging" is cheaper and, secondly one does not have to spend one's free time for the next trip to the store for a pack of buckwheat and sugar.


It does not worth giving up qualitative water. Doctors recommend examine the water that one has to drink carefully. It is not reccomended to save on a quality of water can and one should drink at least 1.5 liters a day. At the same time, it is reccomended to forget about soft drinks and juices in Tetra Pak cartons, as there is more sugar, flavors or preservatives in them than the use intended.

Porridge and cereals

Many people underestimate the benefits of cereals. And in vain! Porrdges are very healthy, while they are alternated, you do not become bored with them and they help support the weight in a normal state. Useful properties of cereal can be felt after a week of their regular consumption, as one feels that stomach discomfort disappears, the energy occurs and gastrointestinal function improves. And the purse is emptied much more slowly.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits that we buy during the season are more useful, especially if they are grown in the same region. Our bodies are programmed by centuries of eating food that grows nearby, precisely because of it, it receives the greatest amount of minerals and vitamins. Imported fruits and vegetables are usually delivered when they are more unrip as in such a way they are more resistant to transportation, but they are of little use. So do not ignore the carrots and beets, whichare sold on the market by the locals, as these vegetables are cheaper then the ones coming from the overseas and are at times more useful.

Product listings

If you pre-compile a list of products that are needed, you avoid spontaneous purchases that are most often not needed and are neither helpful and nor cheap.

Rule of supermarkets

Few people know that the most important rule of all supermarkets is that the most expensive products are at eye-level of buyers. Do not be lazy to lower or raise the head! Besides, it is not necessary to go to buy bread in the big stores, as there you will find it at the very end, and while reaching it, you will put sime unnecessary products in the basket.

The balance of fat proteins and carbohydrates

For the diet to be really correct and healthy, you must strictly adhere to the balance. In the daily diet of an adult person the following balance should be respected:

Protein - 20-30%.

Fats - 20-30%.

Carbohydrates - 50-70 %.

But if you need to lose weight, you can reduce the fats to 10-15% in favor of protein.

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