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Injuries In Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of the most traumatic sports. This is due to the fact that gymnastics includes a series of exercises that are not only complex, but also performed with the use of projectiles, and are accompanied by a variety of jumps during which there is always a high risk of serious injury.

Injuries In Gymnastics

But the injured are not only professional athletes who are engaged exclusively in gymnastics, but many others because of the exercise of the sport is often included in the program for the preparation of athletes who are engaged in completely different sports. Indeed, thanks to the gym can be developed such important quality for the athlete as endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination of movements.

Types of injuries when doing gymnastics

As a rule, most injuries occur in gymnastics during the following exercises:

  • At the time of landing (when performing a jump).
  • During the execution of difficult exercises using rings, logs, beams.
  • When performing a complex jump.

For women in gymnastics, the most typical are injured ankles and elbows, which mainly occur during exercise on the parallel bars of varying heights. Knees and ankles hurt athletes during exercise with other gymnastic equipment.

For men, athletes, practicing gymnastics, typical injuries are ankle and knee joints. The most common injuries are the result of the exercises on the rings, parallel bars, and at the bar, as well as during exercise and vault on the horse.

The risk of injury during gymnastics

believed that gymnastics is the first sport in the number of athletes who leave professional Sports and complete a career because of injuries. According to statistics most complete career because of the following types of injuries:

  • Injury rotator cuff, which is in the shoulder joint.
  • Different types of fractures of the navicular bone.
  • The gap, or serious damage to the anterior cruciate ligament.
  • Rupture of the lateral or medial meniscus.
  • The development of osteoarthritis of the elbow joint.
  • loose body ankle.
  • Different types of fractures of the lower limbs.
  • Dislocations hips (primary).
  • Severe injury to the spinal column.

It should be noted that there are rare occasions when due to injuries, which were obtained in the competition or training, deaths occur. Therefore gymnastics is today considered one of the most dangerous sports. But, nevertheless, we should not give up on your dreams, if it is linked to a professional career in gymnastics. The main thing in this sport - is regular exercise, adherence to safety regulations and timely access to a doctor if the injury could not be avoided.

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