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Is Sauna Useful After The Training?

One of the mandatory procedures required to maintain health is sauna. Thanks to sauna, you can get rid of the accumulated toxins in the body, quickly lose a few pounds, keep the cardiovascular system in tone, improve immunity. Many people prefer to use the sauna once directly after some training to enhance the effect of exercising, but is it right?

Is Sauna Useful After The Training?

The benefits of the sauna after exercising

  • It is believed that sauna after exercising is useful because it helps support the production of endorphins, which starts during exercising. In the sauna the person begins to feel the relaxation of the muscles and nervous system, gets moral satisfaction from the last training that encourages to exercise regularly greatly.
  • After a workout, sauna continues the process of hardening. In other words, the body gets moderate physical activity that contirbutes to the development of stamina.
  • After physical exercises sauna helps to get rid of the accumulated lactic acid, which can cause pain after exercise, in the muscle tissue.
  • One of the significant benefits of sauna baths after exercises is the fact that it helps strengthen cardiovascular system and improve immunity. But we should remember that this is only possible if the person has no abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels, otherwise, sauna can aggravate the disease and worsen the overall health.

Harm from the sauna after a workout

  • Despite the fact that sauna is a useful procedure in general, there are several facts that indicate that the sauna after a workout is useful not for everyone:
  • The more intensive is strength training, the bigger the burden on the heart and blood vessels is. If you then add another burden to them in the bath or sauna, even a healthy body can respond with a sharp narrowing or, conversely, with vasodilatation. Tachycardia can lead to dizziness and even loss of consciousness, so doctors recommend to refrain from sauna after a workout, especially if there person has the diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • After a workout, sauna violates the right schedule. After active sports it is recommended to drink a lot and eat well, and sauna disturbs this process for some time. The usual mode that is specific to the body fails, that mya lead to stress.
  • Training process leads to dehydration and sauna only increases dehydration. Even if you drink plenty of fluids, the body needs some time to distribute the liquid over the cells. If at this time you continue intensive sweating, this process slows down even more, resulting in dizziness and other symptoms of dehydration.

Doctor's advice

Without a doubt, a sauna after a workout is not mandatory. If you exercise on the professional level, it is advisable to schedule a visit to the sauna so that it does not coincide with the training process. This will help to avoid an unnecessary load on the cardiovascular system.

To improve the effect of the sauna, it is recommended to do full body massage that will help muscles relax and withdraw lactic acid together with toxins in the day you visit sauna.

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