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​Exercise For Universal Training

Trainers and fitness instructors around the world agreed that it is enough to do  just one exercise to tone the muscles of the body and lose weight . So, the exercise for universal training is called "bar". It is believed that the " bar" is the most popular exercise , which can be found in almost any form of training. After all, it is, at first glance, primitive exercise helps to achieve stunning results in tightening of the abdominal muscles , including the lower part , back, arms, legs and shoulders at the same time.

Exercise For Universal Training

"Bar" secret

The essence of the exercise is that once a day should take the position of  "bar" for a few minutes. To properly perform the bar, it is necessary remain in a horizontal position, straining every muscle, standing only on the toes of feet and hands. Of course, if before this exercise you are not satisfied, then it will be difficult. In this case, it is necessary to start from a few seconds, gradually increasing the time each day for 10-15 seconds. Within two to three weeks the result will be stunning! Tightened abdominal muscles , a strong back , strong arms and legs.

How to perform a "bar"

"Bar" exercise is one of the basic exercises that are used in pilates, as the main point is that it is static . It is important to take the correct position, engage and retain body static for several minutes. To correctly perform the 'bar" exercise , it is necessary to pay attention to the following points :

Lie on the floor on your stomach. Best your arms bent at the elbows at right angles and take the leaning-rest. Thus, the body should be in a straight line or a "bar", even from head to toe.

You must stay on the tips of the fingers and forearms , elbows should be under the shoulderss during the exercise.

Abdominal muscles must be under tension, and back should be straight and should not bend down.

Feet have to be positioned together, as it will give an additional burden on the abdominal muscles.

Legs should be stretch and fixed, otherwise the load on the muscles of the abdomen decreases.

Buttocks should also be under tension from the beginning to the completion of the exercise.

To properly fix the lumbar spine, it is necessary to imagine that you are firmly pressed against the wall.In this position loin should be during the "bar". Upward or downward deflections should not occur.

With regard to the stomach, there are several points. First of all, it is necessary to involve the stomach, then pull it in the ribs and stay in this position until the end of the exercise.

To avoid overloading the shoulder girdle, elbows must be placed directly below the shoulder joints .

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