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​Anti-Cellulite Massage - Beauty And Benefits

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Before you rush to sign up for salon treatments or conduct anti-cellulite massage at home, you need to determine the stage of development of cellulite. In the domestic medical practice there are several ways to identify it, but they are expensive and require you to have free time to visit specialists.

Anti-Cellulite Massage - Beauty And Benefits

Therefore, it is much easier to diagnose the stage of cellulite yourself.

Self- diagnostics

To find out whether you need a cellulite massage at home or not, grab a thick fold of skin on a blank portion between the thumb and forefinger and gently crumple it between your fingers. Healthy fat tissue remains smooth and even with no lumps. In a similar manner, check all areas of your body that are affected.

  1. Small bumps indicate the development of an initial or first stage of cellulite .
  2. If under the fingers you feel small dense nodules, skin sensitivity impaired and you feel noticeable swelling, you have a second stage.
  3. At the third stage of the disease, numerous small nodules are visible without pressing on the skin.
  4. A plurality of nodes, hardened areas, bumpy skin that causes pain indicate that you have the fourth stage of cellulite.

At home, you can successfully cope with the first and second stages of this unpleasant disease with the help of anti-cellulite massage.

Getting a massage

Before you begin any anti-cellulite massage at home, it  is necessary to prepare the skin. It is best to carry out this procedure after taking a shower or bath, so that the muscles are well warmed up and relaxed. In this case, it is desirable to rub the problem areas with the help of anti-cellulite gel or scrub.

  1. Make a fist and move your knuckles from top to bottom of your skin. Do it until the skin turns red. To avoid having stretch marks, use a special tool or lean massage cream. Note that in case of the presence of capillary network on the problem areas, the massage should be avoided.
  2. Grab a fold of skin and straighten it in the upward direction. In this technique, you can take advantage of the presence of "orange peel" on the inside of the thighs and arms.
  3. Connect the index finger and thumb to form a triangle. Get it to the massaged area, and move up in the direction of the thumbs. After that smooth the skin, moving the thumbs down. This procedure will help to smooth skin in the area of buttocks, thighs and abdomen.
  4. Bring a large area of skin with both hands and gently knead it, avoiding strong pressure. Such a technique will help to tone the muscles and flatten the skin.

Finishing the procedure of anti-cellulite massage at home can be done by tapping and stroking of fingers of the person, who is doing the massage over massaged area . In the end, apply cellulite cream on the skin. For achieving optimal effect, the procedure must be repeated at least three times a week, for the prevention of cellulite it has to be done several times a month.

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