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Beautiful Posture: How Not To Slouch

We all tend to think that beautiful posture is a common thing for athletes and dancers only. And for everyone else it's just an unattainable dream, which one can only aspire to. Is this true ? Perhaps, between the beautiful posture and a healthy spine there only stands only our laziness?

Beautiful Posture: How Not To Slouch

Strong abdominal muscles are the key to a beautiful posture

The main burden of fixing the spine in an upright position is made on the abdominal muscles but not back muscles, as we all tend to think. Without a doubt, the back muscles are also involved in this process, but they have already performed a secondary role. Thus, the first thing to do to get good posture is to begin actively pump your abdominals. The result of such training will be noticeable after about a week or two, as once abdominal muscles are stained, the spine is aligned involuntarily. A more pleasant bonus to be added to all this is a thin waist and perfect health.

How to sit

Approximately 90 % of people are sitting in an incorrect way. This is easily seen when the person is sitting on a chair in front of a mirror. The main mistake is that the body leans forward, and his or her head is a little behind, ie throws. Thus there is a significant load on the cervical spine, and, consequently, it is deformed. To avoid this common mistake, you should do this exercise:

  • Get chin down to your chest and keep the shoulder blade together.
  • Straighten your back and perform circular motions with your hands, as if you are swimming. Thus this is a training of back muscles, and helps to relieve spasms.

Yoga: the best assistant in the fight for good posture

Experts believe that yoga is a perfect combination of exercises for a healthy back and a beautiful posture. Static postures and flowing movement streamers are best suited to strengthen the muscular system and the correction of acquired spinal curvature. Such an exercises, or asanas, as they are commonly called in  yoga, you can perform at home.

Asanas for the back:

  • To perform this exercise, you must stay straight. Get your hands slightly to the side and lower them down. Get your chin slightly down and look at the bottom. Stay in this position for one or two minutes .
  • To relieve spasms in the muscles of the back and eliminate distortion, in the morning and evening in the evening, you can do the following exercise. Pull the hands to the feet the ankles. Fix the body in this position for two minutes.

Swimming is an ideal workout for the muscles of the back

In water, our body becomes virtually weightless, and it is very easy to be controlled. To achieve a beautiful posture it is best to backstroke. But we should not forget the classic way of swimming, which strengthens all parts of the spine and allows to acquire strong muscles. We should remember that swimming should primarily be funny and relaxing. So try to swim at a pace that best suits you, combining active exercise with relaxing backstroking.

How to check yourself

To make sure you benefit from the exercises for a beautiful posture, you can do such an experiment. Come to the mirror and fix the body in the perfect position when the back is straight. After that, lean several times, walk around the room, sit in a chair and come to the mirror once again, but do not peek in it. If after this, if the back is in the same position as it was at the beginning of the experiment, you 're doing it right and you may continue in the same way.

Incidentally, narrow jackets help in the fight for good posture, as it is impossible to slouch when wearing them. Take advice into account and update your office wardrobe with a couple of fashionable narrow jackets!

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