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​Jogging vs Autumn Blues

Experts have argued for a long time that sport not only strengthens the body physically, but also helps to improve mental state. And since in fall the mental state is observed to be not high for about 85% of the population, to put it mildly, you should think about how to begin to deal with the autumn blues.

Jogging vs Autumn Blues

Running against autumn depression

Scientists agreed that the best way to deal with the autumn blues is to begin running. Especially, since the best time to start jogging is not in spring, before beach season, but in fall, as many do so.

Early September is the perfect time to start running. In this case, it is not important when to start jogging in the morning or in the evening. The main factors are attitude and regularity.

How to start running?

First of all, tune into something that you need the jog you for. Think of the fact that you not only need it for burning excess fat, but, above all, to improve the health, physical and mental condition .

If you decide to run in the morning, do it on an empty stomach. But pay attention that you should not begin to run immediately after the sleep, as at night the blood becomes much ticker there and grows the likelihood of heart attack. It is better to drink a cup or two of warm, sweet tea in twenty to thirty minutes before you run. Choose green tea, as it detoxifies and tones the body.

Start a run better with a light warm-up and walk away, then you can begin to jog. Do not overload the body immediately with debilitating long run. Run exclusively for pleasure, without fatigue.

Autumn clothes for jogging

Perhaps many will be surprised, but the most correct principle in choosing clothes for running in the fall is wearing multiple clothes. Sure, you can buy Warm tracksuit in a store, but believe me, in autumn, when the weather is constantly changing, it is not convenient.

Prefer sports garment without seams. It is specially designed for intensive training, thus it absorbs moisture well and does not rub the skin.

The next layer is a shirt or T-shirt made of cotton, which will also help to absorb excess of moisture and prevent overheating of the body.

The third layer is a warm jacket or paita.

Fourth one is a windbreaker or rain jacket with a hood, in case of rainy weather.

Always wear a sports hat and gloves, as while jogging it is easy to catch cold.

Special attention should be paid to shoes. Jogging requires only special shoes, they are called "running shoes". Today, these shoes can be purchased at any sporting goods store, and the consultants will help you choose a pair within the price range that you can afford. Each pair of expensive shoes has a cheaper but not advertised analogue. Running shoes will prevent injuries and help to spread the load while running to avoid heavy compression on the spine.

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