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10 Rules Of A Balanced Diet

In a world where almost one third of the population is obese, the debates about food and nutrition are always maintained. However, despite the fact that the have already been developed hundreds of diets, nutritionists believe that balanced nutrition should be based on 10 basic rules.

10 Rules Of A Balanced Diet

1. Refined sugar is harmful

Furthermore, people who regularly consume a lot of sugar, becomes addicted to it. Sugar is sucrose, which, when ingested, is split into glucose and fructose, which are devoided of any useful properties. Thus, the sugar has no benefit to the body, but only leads to te accumulation of empty calories that cause obesity and various diseases of the heart, blood vessels, liver, and other organs.

2. Deficiency of omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for normal functioning of our body. The disadvantage of this substance leads to various psychiatric disorders, depression etc. But most people ignore foods containing omega-3, such as beef, lamb, fatty fish, fish oil, eggs.

3. There is no ideal diet

The body of each person is different. It depends on heredity, the environment where people live, body composition and other factors. Therefore, there is no diet that is perfect for everybody without exception. To choose an ideally balanced diet, you need to try a variety of nutrition systems and then determine which one is most effective.

4. Trans fats are poisonous for the body

Unsaturated fats or trans fats are the products obtained by mixing unsaturated fats with hydrogen gas at high temperatures. Products that contain trans-fats including margarine, certain confectionery products and the filling of the waffles in particular etc.  lead to the fact that a person has blood cholesterol levels raised, and he or she cn becomeo obese and develpp some cardiovascular diseases. According to recent data, trans fats are the major cause of obesity in Europe and the United States.

5. Vegetables are always useful

Vegetables are useful when consumed in any form, by definition, since they contain large amounts of minerals, vitamins and fiber. The more we eat vegetables, the better our health is.

6. Lack of vitamin D is dangerous

In fact, Vitamin D is a hormone that is produced by the body when we are exposed to sunlight. This hormone is involved in many processes in the body, but it is not possible to receive it from what we eat only since food contains too little of it. Therefore, it is recommended to spens some time on the sun, without the use of sunscreens that block its production. The main thing in this case is not to spend too much time there, as the sun is safe only for the first 20 minutes you spend outside.

7. Refined carbohydrates are harmful

When ingested, refined carbohydrates cause a sharp rise of  blood sugar, which, eventually, becomes a cause of obesity and diabetes.

8. Products can not be replaced by nutritional supplements

Some supporters of healthy eating mistakenly believe that food is just a specific combination of vitamins and minerals that are essential for our body. But this is not true. In addition to vitamin complexes, foods contain fiber, essential amino acids and many other things that can not be replaced by the supplements. Therefore, nutritionists recommen eating a diverse diet and give up replacing food with nutritional supplements.

9. Lifestyle

Any diet can be effective only in combination with the correct way one lives. Therefore, if you vere able to loose weight with the help of diet, to hold the result, you should continue to eat properly and play sports, otherwise the result will disappear very quickly.

10. Healthy food is raw food

Industrial production has led to a sharp decline in public health. This is caused by the fact that most of the products are processed, which destroys nutrients and makes the product less useful. Even despite the fact that the processed products have a rich flavor and cane be stored for a longer period of time, we need to eat more fresh and unprocessed foods. The only way to preserve the health is to be in a good shape.

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