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How To Choose The "Right" Yogurt

Nowadays yogurt is one of the important products, which must be present in the diet on a regular basis. In fact, besides a large number of calcium, which is found in all dairy products, yogurt also contains beneficial bacteria that strengthen the immune system and regulate bowel function.

How To Choose The

What is special yogurt

about the benefits ofyogurt know everything, but few people thought that the main use of yogurt is not in Fruits that there may be, and skim milk. Even if the yogurt added fresh fruit, not their synthetic counterparts, then they are of little use, since they are subject to special treatment, which destroys vitamins.

This yogurt, which is really very good for health, is a living product, the production of which is based on the use of leaven. Leaven - is the foundation, consisting of a large number of beneficial microorganisms, because of life which, it turns out delicate, sweet yogurt.

It should be understood that only live yogurt is almost completely absorbed by the body and carries a lot of health benefits, is an analogue of pasteurized yogurt - it is quite useful product which helps to satisfy hunger and has a pleasant taste.

How to distinguish the "correct" yogurt

To understand where live yoghurt and pasteurized product where it is necessary to read the inscription on the label and shelf life. The most important indicator of the quality of yogurt is a long shelf life. It's simple - the more storage time is, the less the product of living microorganisms. Live as yogurt, fermented Bulgarian bacteria which can be stored for a few days, and only in a refrigerator at 4 to 6 degrees. The pasteurized product can be stored for a month, even at room temperature.

If the composition includes yogurt: flavors, sugar, starch, dyes, thickeners, gelatine, the products are small.

The live yogurt is useful

  • It is a source of calcium.
  • It helps restore intestinal flora, even after antibiotic therapy.
  • It helps in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, and tuberculosis, colitis, boils, asthma.
  • It improves metabolism.
  • Relieves hangover.
  • Yogurt is used in cosmetics, for the manufacture of skin care and hair care. It is used in pharmacology for the production of anti-burn

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