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The Cult Of Food In The Family: How To Fight It

If the majority of conversations in the family are the discussions of meal, dishes, menu, crush that someone, often the youngest member of the family, eating little and not regularly, if most of the free time you spend at the table, most likely, your family "worships" the cult of food. And with that, it's time to do something about it!

The Cult Of Food In The Family: How To Fight It

What is the "cult of food?"

Learn the family thrives where the cult of food, very easily. Most often live under one roof several generations, and nutrition is one common thread that unites them all and. It regularly obschesemeynye seminars on the topic "What are we going to eat tomorrow," trek to the grocery store resembles a ritual, not a common thing. In the kitchen, where the only mistress is a woman over fifty, is always a some movement, something is cooked, fried, steamed.

Who "serves" the cult of food

worst thing is that an eating disorder in one person, if it is a woman -hozyayka home, imposed to all other members of the family and is becoming a mass epidemic. Only the woman- "the high priest" knows exactly what to feed, when and in what quantity.

The arguments are "too hot", "too fat", "too big portions" - are not perceived, and attempts to supply structural reforms are perceived with hostility. This can go on for decades, and accompanied by not only being overweight all members of the family, but also health problems.

The reasons for the cult of food

There are several reasons why the food in the family acquires the status of a cult:

  • traditions handed down from generation togeneration.It so happened that the family all love to eat well, much satisfying. Sometimes this is aggravated when hungry wartime childhood, when food was not enough, many products have been in short supply.
  • The emotional aquau=intance with food.Because food - is regularly repeated action, in some cases it becomes a carrier of the design, which keeps the whole family. All communication between family members is reduced to a discussion of food, without the subject between them there is nothing left. In other words, the food - this is the only cause.
  • Psychosomatic causes.Several of them, above all, an expression of love takes place only through the food, that is, instead of the word love in the first place there is concern over food. Secondly, the food - it's a quick way to have fun and forget about troubles. Typically, such people tend to loneliness, depression, they do not love themselves and do not see the love from others.

That brings the cult of meals

Family with a unique cult of food, it combines several characteristic features which appear very clearly:

  • The presence of excess weight among all members family from young to old. In this regard, the increasing sense of dissatisfaction with himself, hidden aggression, susceptibility to depression.
  • Family members oppressive feeling that they are constantly being manipulated. They are not masters of themselves, their daily routine is subordinated to a single person - who is preparing.
  • The guilt that arises whenever a person tries to cut a portion of or restrict your diet.

How to deal with the cult of food

  • refuse individualism, morality reading open confrontation. You should not be in conflict or to prepare themselves individually, on the contrary, must be constantly praising the quality of food, the ability of the hostess, the taste of cooked dishes and so on, thus, not to wait until you are asked, like whether a meal.
  • The maximum to try "High Priest cult food "provide a sense of relevance, importance, show that you are in need of this man. Try often ask for advice, share their thoughts, feelings, impressions, tell me, how was your day, that is, by all means try to diversify their communication, thus, avoid discussing nutrition.
  • Try to find a business or a hobby that will unite the whole family. Perhaps this crossword puzzles, cottage, listening to audio books, followed by discussion, repair and so on. In addition to food, the family must still something to unite.
  • If you do not want to just get rid of the cult of food, but to lose weight, think yourself a non-existent disease in which you must adhere to a strict diet. Just remember, you can not break the diet in any case, otherwise, for the second time in your imaginary ailment no one would believe.

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