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How To Choose Bread?

It's no secret that the quality of the bread, which is offered in stores, leaves much to be desired. Therefore, many completely refuse to use it in food, justifying it by the fact that this bread is not only conducive to weight gain, but also harmful to health. Is this right?

How To Choose Bread?

Use of bread

This quality bread - a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. No wonder since ancient times there is a saying - "Bread - a head." The composition includes bread good almost all useful to the human body of vitamins E and C, K, A, B vitamins, and minerals - sodium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, manganese, chlorine, silicon, selenium, and others. Therefore, a complete rejection of bakery products entails a number of problems, including depression, fatigue, dissatisfaction with himself and others.

How to choose the bread

Doctors and nutritionists do not recommend completely abandon bread, even those who have serious problems with excess weight . But to really bring bread only health benefits, you must learn how to choose the right, especially as the range of modern shops, allows it. So, consider the different types of bread and their properties.

Wheat bread white

bread This contains a lot of starch and is very nutritious. Additionally, even a small amount of white bread increases blood sugar levels, thus, triggers hunger and promotes overeating. To choose a quality white bread, you must consider the following:

  • The inscription on the package "natural rye", "enriched flour", "multizernovoy" does not guarantee the quality of the bread. Usually these inscriptions is hidden the usual white flour and a small addition of other cereals.
  • If from white bread to completely abandon impossible, it is better to choose one that contains the addition of flax seed, nuts, millet, sunflower seeds, dried fruits. This bread is present in addition to white flour fiber, which helps to quickly bring harmful substances from the body. But we should remember that white bread even when there is a very high-calorie supplements.
  • If the package is written that in the bread contains: hydrogenated fats or oils, margarine, cooking oil, sugar syrup, molasses or caramel, discard this product. Such additives are not only excess calories, but also very harmful to health, as provoke the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Gray and black bread

The structure of this part of rye flour bread, which the body metabolizes slowly. For this reason, rye bread promotes rapid saturation, even when using a small amount. In black and gray bread contains essential amino acids, minerals, fiber and beneficial trace elements. And the calories in it much less than in white.

The best choice will be rye or black bread with nuts, bran, cumin, raisins, corn or peas.

If black or brown bread made without the addition of yeast to leaven hop, it differs more less calories and more health benefits.

Whole grain bread

Thisis the most useful kind of bread that promotes weight loss and better health. Whole grain bread contains large amounts of fiber, which improves intestinal motility and removes toxins from the body.

Choose whole-grain bread is very simple, on the packaging in the lineup, the first place is the inscription "whole grains", which means that this bread was made of untreated flour.

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