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Benefits And Harms Of Soy Sauce

Soy sauce, is widely known as the "king" of Asian cuisine. But for residents of the middle part it is quite an exotic product, which first began to appear on the table just a few years ago. However, many people have already fallen in love with the flavorful of sauce combined with fish and meat dishes. Let's discuss the benefits of this amazing product to stimulate the interest of those who have not had time to appreciate its taste yet. Is soy sauce as useful, as they say?

Benefits And Harms Of Soy Sauce

Specialties of soy sauce

Original soy sauce is a liquid of a dark or light color. Dark soy sauce is thicker and more flavorful, which is ideal for marinating meat. This sause solely consists of a soy sauce, sugar and salt. Light sauce differs by more mild concentration and a salty taste, it is mainly used for salads. It is prepared from soy and wheat mixture. It takea a lomg time to prepare a qualitative soy sauce, so it is stored without preservatives for a long time. Original soy sauce is sold exclusively in transparent glass bottles.

The composition of soy sauce

A properly cooked soy sauce has a unique composition that is really useful for our body. First of all, soy sauce has ten times more antioxidants than dry red wine. It includes a range of vitamins and minerals, including such essential ones as iron, zinc and vitamins of group B. Furthermore, the composition of the sauce includes twenty amino acids necessary for human body, and salts of glutamic acid, which can amplify taste. Therefore, such a dressing perfectly emphasizes the taste of any dish.

The benefits of soy sauce

  • Rich mineral composition of soy sauce helps to improve blood circulation and is useful in case of the diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Due to the large number of antioxidants, the sauce is a preventive measure against cancer.
  • Excellent soy sauce helps with insomnia, headaches, swelling, vasospasm, dermatitis, and other diseases.
  • Soy sauce helps to speed up metabolism and withdraw toxins from the body, so it is an effective tool in the fight against excess weight.
  • It is extremely important for women's health, because it contains a large amount of phytoestrogens. If you regularly eating it, you can normalize the menstrual cycle, keep the female youth, postphone the menopause.

Harm of soy sauce

Main damagecaused by this product relies on unscrupulous manufacturers who violate the technology of producing soy sauce. Cheap substitute, which is mainly found on store shelves, has nothing to do with the original soy sauce. Regular consumption of low-quality soy sauce is able to cause serious harm to the body, including the development of cancer.

How to choose a soy sauce

To distinguish a fakeproduct from the real soy sauce, you must adhere to the following tactics:

  • Read the composition on the product label. Ther real soy sauce is low-calorie and does not have coloring substances or flavors. Ideally it should include all three products: soy, salt and sugar.
  • The color of soy sauce is light brown or dark brown, but not black.
  • It should contain not less than 8% of proteins.
  • Permissiblly it may contain wheat, soybeans, spices and water.
  • The bottle in which the sauce is sold should be made of a transparent glass.
  • Soy sauce can not be cheap.

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