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Store Juices: Harm and Benefits

It is impossible to deny the fact that in any juice contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health. In addition, juice energizes and improves bowel motility, thus favorably affects the skin and improves the immune system. But despite all the positive qualities, not every juice has such a valuable qualities. Juice in so-called Tetra Pak, which is sold in the store and juice prepared at home differ from each other strongly. We will try to understand what are the benefits and harms of juice sold in stores today.

Store Juices: Harm and Benefits

Store juices: Harm

  • During mass production of juices factories squeeze fruit and vegetables using different mechanized devices. After that, the juice is treated with antiseptics, preservatives, freeze. And all these substances are harmful, especially for children.
  • Furthermore, the treatment destroys most vitamins, as they do not withstand preservation process.
  • But most important hidden threat of packaged juices, which few consumers pay attention on, is sugar. In 90% of the stores juices contain so much sugar that there are no benefits of this juice to talk about at all.

Store juices: use

  • Although their production involeves various preservative additives, the juices still belong to healthy foods. Even after processing some nutrients remain in them.
  • If you choose the right juice at the store, you can improve your immune system and prevent various cardiovascular, dermatological, digestive diseases, improve the condition of the peripheral nervous system, get rid of stress and depression. But, it should be a qualitative juice! To choose a qualitative juice omong the variety of foods offered, make sure to read its composition. A good product will not even contain a hint of refined sugar and flavorings. The second point is the expiration date of store juice. It is based on a single rule: the longer the shelf life of the drink is, the more product preservatives it contains, therefore, the lower the benefit of its consumption is.

Nutritionists' reccomendations

Juices are an important and inalienable part of a balanced, healthy diet. If you regularly drink even a small amount of fresh juice, fruit and vegetable, you can forget about many diseases, including chronic ones. Therefore, one of the essential things in the kitchen of every family should become a juicer. Juices made from seasonal fruits and vegetables are cheap, but are so important for health.

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